iPhone 7s Glass Design & New iPhone 8 Rumors!

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iOS 12 concept –
New HomePod details –

We’ve finally seen the iPhone 7s, and it features an all-glass design that looks fantastic. And even more information from the HomePod’s firmware has revealed new details about the iPhone 8.

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  1. From other videos, I believe the iPhone 8 will have an infrared emitter, and 2 infrared cameras for face detection, so the iPhone should be usable in a darkened room.

  2. I know that Touch ID is secure as even if someone takes your finger they can't log on due to some random technology, but couldn't someone take a photo of you and use that? I don't even know, I personally love Touch ID…

  3. Just curious! I noticed that you end every video with the words “I’ve been Sam”. Who are you when you’re not making a video? But seriously though, just wanted to let you know that you are one of my favorite YouTubers. Love your videos. And you are NOT annoying, which is more than I can say for some that I no longer subscribe to. Great job! Always informative! Looking forward to more videos!!!

  4. I just want either an OLED screen or higher resolution "retina" on the 7s. I love the 4.7 inch iPhone size and I wish we would get good features for the money.

  5. If they kill touch ID they’re basically killing Apple Pay. I think that would be completely stupid, and I will actually for the first time ever, NOT buy the new iPhone if this is the case. I might get the new 7S though, if that exists.

  6. I really think they're going to name the iPhone with the 5.8" display the iPhone Pro.

    If you think about it, Apple is really going all out with its Pro-line. MacBook Pro and iPad Pro are great examples of that. They're even phasing out the Air-line (MacBook Air, iPad Air etc). The iPad Pro line was introduced in 2015. The iPhone Pro could easily be said to be released this year. Two years after the iPad Pro launch. There were even rumours saying that the iPhone 8/Pro/X would only be renewed every two years. Coincidence? It's also a fairly good marketing strategy so consumers can distinguish the professional model from the traditional, annual one.

  7. Are you sure the iPhone coming alongside the 7S and 7S Plus really is gonna be called "iPhone 8"? Wouldn't that just confuse the mainstream costumers? So maybe more like a name that the iPhone SE got back then?