iPhone 8 / 8 PLUS HOW TO: Force Restart

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This video shows you how to properly restart Apple’s latest iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus. This is commonly known as a force restart and not the usual power on / power off.

Step 1 – Quickly press volume up and release
Step 2 – Quickly press volume down and release
Step 3 – Hold down the Sleep / Wake Button until the Apple Logo apears.

(Note: Sequence above must really be done quickly in order to work)

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  1. WOW! thank you so much. The apple store was going to make me pay for a new screen or a whole new phone. plus, they got me locked out of my icloud and i was going to have to wait days/weeks to get verification, but i tried this and now my phone is normal again. you saved me so much time and stress and money. thank you!!

  2. It has already been said by plenty but I want to say THANK YOU! I accidentally called the cops twice! but now I have reset my stupid frozen phone thanks to you!!! You have earned my subscription!

  3. I was prepared to leave a snarky comment but this video demonstrated something seemingly no other guide seems to: when you hold the power button you hold the power button. Other people make it sound like you hold it for as long as you typically do to get the “slide to shut down” message, but instead you gotta hold it for a good deal longer.