iPhone 8: A Photographer’s Review

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The iPhone X might be stealing the spotlight, but the iPhone 8 is Apple’s shot at their next blockbuster phone. It’s design can either be thought of as another round of the same or the final form of this concept. Either way, this isn’t a phone that should be easily dismissed.

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  1. To put it simply, this is the best review of the iPhone 8 Plus.

    Also, maybe I'm just lucky, but I've been using the same Lightning cables as I have been since the iPhone 5. I actually haven't unpacked another cable since my iPad Mini – I just use the same two cables all the time, and they're not even split or frayed! I still have all of my old Firewire and 30-pin cables from years and decades past as well, and I've never broken a single one.

  2. I have the 8 plus in gold and I upgraded from a 6s (not plus). In my opinion it was definitely worth it. The battery is a lot better and the pictures come out so much better. It’s almost like a professional camera! Definitely recommend updating if you have a 6s or older but in my opinion it’s not worth it if you have a 7 plus already

  3. Great video, you just got a new subscriber! Btw I used to go through a lot of iPhone cables also, then I bought the braided Amazon basics braided cable and it has lasted me a reallllly long time

  4. May I ask a question?? The IPhone 8 Plus and the IPhone 8 has the same camera, exactly the same camera quality? I got the IPhone 8 but I don’t know if the IPhone 8 Plus has a better camera than this one

  5. ohh jeez ohh boy my man! Great review!! Tyler can you please make a comparison between the 8 Plus you have and a regular old 8? I've had my 6S Plus for a couple years now and never could get used to its size, just too big! and I know the 8 Plus has better camera, I just don't know exactly how much better and if the plain 8 can still get professional results.