iPhone 8 | OLED Edge Display, Dual Camera, wireless charging!

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Please watch: “LG V30 Introduction | 6GB RAM, DUAL CAM, SNAPDRAGON 835”


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A lot of hours further I finally managed to finish this video!!
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Of course to those who keep re-uploading my video’s… Stop doing that… I will find it and then I have to strike you if you don’t respond… So please do not re-upload my work…

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Contact: ConceptsCreator@gmail.com

Software used:
Moddeling: Maya or 3dsmax
Animation: Keyshot 5


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  1. This comment section is so salty about who copied who, y'all need to grow the hell up. Wireless charging and the edge display are features that rarely, if ever get used on any phone. When was the last time you used, or saw someone use the edge on their phone to be more productive? How many times do you really use wireless charging? The only reason that curved edge is coming to the iPhone is to make it look more pleasing to the eye.. But by god i do hope that apple introduce some usable features to it. At the end of the day the consumer will always win when these companies go head to head, whether its features or price, we always win. If you really do want to talk about copying? just remember that apple wait for a feature/product to be mature and well tested before they rush to be first.. cough Note 7

  2. I don't care if iphone copies samsung apple said it's going to be revolutionary and it could be the best phone that Apple has ever launched despite the fact it equals 1000 dollars I'm still buying it