iPhone 8 Plus Camera vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8!

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iPhone X review coming soon but for now here’s an iPhone 8 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8 camera test and comparison!

What I use to make my videos!
Camera –
Lens –
Lens Mount –
Camera Mic –
Tripod –
Tripod Head –
ND Filters –
Lights –
Laptop –


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  1. I always love to hear ur comparisons..there's always detailed comparison specially pics taken from all angles…and ur Voice is the best part of ur videos u have such a gr8 voice…..

  2. Last year iPhone was more "natural" and iPhone users loved that. This year note8 is more "natural" and iPhone users say it looks "dull and flat" what gives?

  3. Iphone… although with proper positioning and maybe manual tweaks you can get really close to Iphone's auto… to bad.. since I'm going to buy Note 8 for overall better dollar performance…