iPhone 8 Plus Fast Charging vs Note 8 // OnePlus 5 // HTC U11! (60 min)

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How fast does the Apple iPhone 8 and 8 Plus Fast Charge? All devices started at 1% charge. Check out my comparison vs the OnePlus 5, Galaxy Note 8 and HTC U11. Fast Charging has been around in Android Phones for a while now but the new iPhones including iPhone X have fast charging built in you just have to get a higher output charging brick and a USB C to lighting cord of some sort. I use the 29W Apple USB C Brick and the Apple USB C to Lightning cable for this test. Who Wins? Watch to find out.


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  1. the size of the battery matters tooo.

    note 5 has the biggest battery out of all of em so even that is impressive and if if u dont rember the iphone 8 plus

  2. I just switch to iPhone 8plus from s8+ still using both phones. But ip8+ as daily now. I do admit iPhone 8+ lasts longer even with a smaller battery.

  3. 96% of 3300 =3168(OnePlus 5)
    69% of 3300=2277(note 8)
    85% of 3000=2550(U11)
    82% of 2691=2207(iPhone 8 plus)
    Way to go Apple showcasing your 29W charger (>20W>10W) which charges lesser milliamps per hour and still isn't bundled with the phone.
    P.S Lenovo P2 has fastest charging to date, not OnePlus 5.

  4. Biggest bullshit in all of YouTube I have note 8 hour 30m full charge with apps running in background usually connected to Wi-Fi u know what that means all apps getting updated..

  5. I am not fan boy of samsung i like iphone more but s8 note have larger battery and there are more apps in the process just to know…