IPhone 8 Plus Gold 256GB Giveaway

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Rules to enter
-Like this video
-Like all my other videos
-Follow me on IG @: NormalQuality
-Add me on snapchat@: Dominicanjawnty
-Follow me on Facebook @ : Ty’janae Felder
-Comment below a number and the reason you wanna win.


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  1. Hey I want this iPhone because I recently broke my iPhone 5s and it was a hand me down and my mom is mad about it and won’t talk to me can I please win because I really want the phone and to prove to my mom that she doesn’t have to spend money on me

  2. 1 i want iphone because i don't have any phone. Pick me Please!
    i already follow all your social media account and like all your video's on your channel.
    (and right now im using my potato device)

  3. Ig: lilblue_18
    I really want to win an iphone because of my family❤ i want to help them financially by making YouTube vids ? but i can't make because my android phone has a poor quality interms of videos ??? so i searched for some giveaways on YouTube hoping that there will be an iPhone giveaway and i found your giveaway video?❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ I'm so glad when i saw your video because this could be my chance ?❤ Second is i wanna give my parents some presents ? with my own money to thank them for all the good things they've done to me ❤❤❤ third is i wanna save some money for educational purposes so that when it's time to pay my tuition fees i will not ask my parents about money anymore because i will be able to pay it by myself?❤ Lastly i wanna save up money for my future needs?❤❤❤❤ PLEASE CHOOSE ME?❤❤❤❤ IT WOULD MEAN A LOT TO MEEEEE❤??? GOD BLESS YOU☺☺❤❤❤❤❤ Please be my angel?❤❤❤❤ ? ? ? ❤❤

  4. 11

    Hi, I followed you on Instagram and Snapchat, Subbed and liked the amazing video, I also like 2pac btw.

    I currently have an iPhone 6, I like it and how it works but I’m missing out on all the features, My older phone was a terrible slow low spec android that would always freeze and crash, I bought an iPhone 6 not only because it’s cheaper but because I thought the 6 was way more recent then I thought it would be, Turns out it was made in 2014. It’s alright if other people win the giveaway but trying is better then giving up, Love the videos keep it up.

  5. 500 I did all the steps except adding You on Snapchat and Facebook because I don’t have an account for those and I want the iPhone because I’ve been wanting an iphone8 for so long! I would be so happy if I won this! If I don’t win then congrats to the winner! Okay have a nice day ?

  6. I choose number 8 (when will the winner be announced) sorry I don’t have Facebook (my instagram is kamani_lit)
    The best thing about the iPhone X is the Animoji I think they are really cool and funny
    I done all the steps and I would really appreciate this phone and I would be so grateful please pick me I’m begging I haven’t had phone I’m using this old laggy half broken tablet and it’s really really annoying because when I go to and from places by myself my mother needs to be notified if I’ve reached safely and she really needs to know if I’m safe but we don’t have enough money for a phone like this. Hope you achieve your goal in life . Thank you for this amazing opportunity. Hope I win.

  7. 23, i added you on IG and fb but i don't have a phone so i can't add you on SC. Thats the reason why i wanna win its because im about to leave HS and still doesn't even have a phone. #strictasianparents
    Thanks for the opportunity here!