iPhone 8 Plus – Powerful, reliable…..boring.

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There are some people who like drastic change, welcome it with open arms, and roll with it. Then there are others who don’t like change but if it has to happen, like it gradual, and need enough warning about it.

This smartphone is for the latter.

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  1. I never had a iPhone before I got this. My last phone was a Galaxy s7. I already had a iPad 2017 model, I love. I use it all the time. Long story short I think the phone is great. Now ask me that same question in 6 months and will have to see if the answer changes. Hopefully it will not. Until then I have no complains thus far.

  2. 8 plus, the iPhone X is too small of a phone, hate small phones, especially it being complicated with Face ID and other things, I like the 8 plus better, bigger, Touch ID,

  3. You act like the iPhone is the only phone line-up that has stayed pretty much the same for a few years..Look at the Sony Xperia line. The Moto G line. Pretty much every phone has had a similar design language as their predecessor. And to call this the "Honda Accord of smartphones" is dumb. The 8 line and X have the fast, most powerful chip in a smartphone. Computer level power. The design is classy and premium. Battery life on the plus model is amazing. Camera is top tier. Like?? If anything, it's like a luxury Audi sedan and the X is the R8.

  4. I wonder why people keep calling the phone boring…
    This is the most beautiful design of a phone…
    Why would you do a plastic surgery when you are already beautiful 🙂