iPhone 8 Plus vs Galaxy Note 8: Only One 8 Is Great

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Both of these phones are great—but only one can be the winner. Will it be the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or the Apple iPhone 8 Plus? Find out our pick in a comprehensive versus video.

iPhone 8 Plus Review:
Galaxy Note 8 Review:

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  1. camera category i have to slightly give to note 8 because of manual mode. but… iphone also has front portrait. probably a tie there. Note8 still wins hands down. it wins even more against teh iPX lol battery is terrible.

  2. iPhone isn't even close to the Note 8. And Note8 has the better battery. And i'm saying this as Apple fan who switched to Note 8 from iPhone 8. Feels like Apple can't catch up anymore.

  3. I love the note series, personally I think the galaxy “s” series looks way better than anything, BUT will i is technically subjective and looked at objectively, I think the classic look of an iPhone and the Apple logo on the back automatically should make the “design” the same. It’s like buying “supreme” clothes, I don’t agree with either of those, but for most people, holding an iPhone automatically looks cleaner than many androids, including the galaxies….

  4. I had the Galaxy Note 3,4, and 5 (no need to mention why I didn’t get the 7). This time around I wanted to try something different and decided to purchase the iPhone 8 along with the Apple Watch series 3. I love my new watch but starting to regret not buying the Galaxy Note 8. I feel so restricted with this iPhone and After one month with this phone I might trade it in for the Note 8. Both phones are great but the iPhone can’t compare to quality I had on my previous Samsung Galaxy Note phones.

  5. honestly I’m more attracted to the note 8 tbh then the iPhone 10 I think the note 8 is more then the iPhone 10 offers but in the same way I like both company’s , I think Samsung is a better company hand down , I don’t know if I would see myself switching to Samsung over Apple ,

  6. guys , what phone do you recommend me to buy an iphone 8 plus or note 8 ? right now i got galaxy s8 but i feel like its a bit small so i need a bigger phone .

  7. I have had android devices ever since my first phone, my first smartphone was the droid razr, now this was a long time ago all I can say was it was pretty sweet. I had the droid turbo which didn’t last long it was a pile of junk. Had the cheap zte zmax, it lasted it was a great phone still had all the typical android problems like freezing up and shitty battery. Had the nexus 6 which was my personal favorite although it didn’t allow me to send MMS messages, non of them ever sent to the recipient. Through the rest of my android devices that Would be too much to mention, they all broke at one point not 2 months after I bought. During this period I hated iPhones for some reason then being a hypocrite I decided to try it out, my first iPhone being the iPhone 6s Plus and I loved it! It never broke on me, the screen never shattered or even cracked, it was dropped it was beaten it survived some bad accidents I had on my motorcycle but then I decided to upgrade to the 7 plus, the 7 plus is amazing, it’s been caked in motor oil it went swimming with me for over an hour and the only thing that happened was my home button not being able to act properly. And it was a simple 30$ fix and it never happened again. It’s been dropped it’s been beaten all without a case on it. Best experience I ever had and the battery actually lasts me sometimes 2 days! Without a charge on it. But I am not going to upgrade to the 8 plus but I am thinking about the note 8, I have had Samsung’s but all bad experiences. So I’m sketched, looks good on paper but I’m still uncertain.

  8. So many apple haters
    So many apple buyers

    But I see a whole lot iPhones in peoples hand all around than Samsung flagships.

    What is the reason I don’t know but whether anyone like it or not apple always takes the piece of cake ?.

    Can anyone explain from where apple gets these sheeps where Samsung can’t win even though they push their limits best?

    Comments- apple looses drastically
    Profit – apple wins super drastically

    Where are the people commenting bad about apple? Why they r not able to make Samsung more profitable company than apple?

  9. I love this phone coming from using the iPhones for years now since the original Droid which was a nightmare… But everything about the note 8 is overly satisfying even the volume buttons and power button feel great. lol

  10. Yeah, this is you trying to make it interesting lol. It's a joke to listen to you being the only reviewer to give the iPhone 8 a win over the Note 8 in low light scenarios. Crazy. You didn't even show pics that I remember.

  11. Hold your horses about the iphone 8 plus,it maybe less shining and has less features comparing to the note 8 but i have used both phones and i can tell you that the iphone 8 plus is faster and smoother but i will still go with the note 8 because of the features.

  12. Man this guy is a f*cking liar…Having used both devises, I can say for fact that Note 8 is at least twice better…IPhone X is kinda close to the Note, but IPhone 8 is no way near it.

  13. @technobuffalo funny how on other videos you include the camera "package" including the front camera in the comp, but in this one you only included the back?! KNOWING the note 8 would win. On top of that the battery life clearly is better on note 8 as everyone has pointed out, this video is a joke.