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Which should you buy? The Apple iPhone 8 Plus or Samsung Galaxy Note 8? I compare the 8 Plus and Note 8 to find out which is best for Design, Screen, Speed, Camera and Battery life. US: UK:

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  1. Lol? my father has i phone 8 and i have note 8. we keep on arguing bout whos phone is better. hes an apple fan ever since but im still samsung all the way!

  2. So many fandroids, damn. A phone is not “the best of the best” just because you think it is. People only like phones that “look” better. The Note 8 looks better, but I think the iPhone is a better phone (imo).

  3. Get the Iphone.
    I just got a NOTE 8 2 weeks ago and my old phone was a NOTE 5. To be totally honest set aside the bling i was happier with Note 5. My Note 8 lags. Typing messages became a full time job. I did everything from lowering the pressure of typing to putting the phone on safe mode. It still lags. Today i do an extra swipe and double tap on letters 30% more. Im phoneless at the moment- since my phone just exceeded the 7 day return period of our carrier(Globe-Philippines) they told i had to have it serviced. Wow all that money and your stuck with a brand new phone that only in 2 weeks is gonna be opened up and serviced. I miss my note 5.
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  4. bro, you hate iphone, its clear. but samsung cant reach near iphone. i use samsung too. goes worse within 2months of buying. and you can use 5s still without lag 🙂

  5. I really just don't understand why people like Iphones so much, it baffels me. It is just a faster phone from it's 2007 counterpart. Finally the Iphone x comes out. Which it still sucks cause these companies have been doing all that for years. So, please tell me why Iphone is so popular. IT SUCKS.

  6. The iPhone it’s really better than the Note 8. 3D Touch, Taptic Engine, 4K 60fps, 1080p 240fps, stereo speakers system, A11 Bionic chip with neural engine, Portrait Lighting, more battery life, etc.

  7. How is everyone getting the “Videos” app on iOS 11?! They replaced it with the “TV” app! Also, why does the iPhone 8 Plus in this video have extra text on the back instead of just “iPhone”?

  8. I was with the galaxy s8plus and buy an iPhone 8 Plus .
    For me the iPhone is far smoother and terribly fast
    Camera is great and the batterie is more solid

    I prefer the iPhone 8 Plus that has really great performance in all domaine

  9. iPhone 8 Plus is a great phone, even better than the iPhone X(with the ugly notch). Samsung has a huge design flaw as they f*uckd up with the sensor. But dump both, get the Google Pixel 2 XL obviously 🙂