iPhone 8 Plus vs iPhone 7 Plus Full Comparison

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In this video, we will do a full and complete comparison between the iPhone 8 Plus vs the iPhone 7 Plus. Many people are holding onto their iPhone 7’s and are wondering whether or not should they upgrade to the iPhone 8. In this video, we will tell you everything.

Let’s dive in.

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  1. Still getting the iphone8 it's like I get an iPhone 5 and no one has one anymore so not risking that again by getting iPhone 6/7??

  2. I'm coming from an iPhone 6 16 gb, I'll be getting an iPhone 8+ for Christmas, can't wait. The iPhone 6 is very laggy and slow. (For me)

  3. My friend and I just got robbed at gun point last night, we both had the iphone 7s plus Jet black, his was the 128gb and mines was the 256gb. We both had insurance on our phones, his carrier provider(T-Mobile) was able to get him the same phone and well… For me, my carrier provider(AT@T) didn't have my phone in stock anymore so they are sending me a 256gb Space Gray iPhone 8 plus instead. So, thank you for the kind review!

  4. I have the 6s and for Christmas I’m getting the 8 plus but I told my parents nahhh the 7 plus is the same cause there is basically no difference just the 8 plus costs more

  5. Am currently thinking of trading my 7+ for the 8+ but a bit iffy because I haven't been sure Of the camera difference since that's my main motive .

  6. At 5:15 comparing Geekbench scores, the Model on left shows Iphone 10, while on the right it shows 7 plus. Why does the model on the left say Iphone 10, when it should say iphone 8 plus, next to the word " MODEL " ?

  7. Nice review, but my iphone 8 plus is different from yours im not sure why but your iphone 8 plus doesnt show the difference in display between the iphone 7 plus and there is a difference and some other small things that i noticed that you 8 plus does that isnt right

  8. Thank you for the video I am considering buying a new phone I was getting the I phone 8 plus but now I see that the I phone 7 would last longer … lol … I do drop my phone so ??