iPhone 8 Plus vs Note 8 Full Camera Comparison!

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Here is the new Apple iPhone 8 Plus vs the Galaxy Note 8 Camera Comparison. iPhone X vs Note 8 comparison coming soon! Who wins in this Note 8 vs iPhone 8 Plus camera battle?
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Let me know what you think . Check out my Note 8 review and iPhone 8/8Plus Review soon. Thanks for watching and supporting.

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  1. iPhone8 has the better camera. I bought the 8plus (upgrading from the 6 plus) but returned it as I could not stand that fake non-mechanical button that vibrated when I touched it. So I'm stuck either going for the X for the superior video quality or settling for the Note 8 as I would love to not give Apple another red cent.

  2. iPhone photos look oversaturated a bit, which is weird because Samsung usually does that. Note 8's pics look more natural and better for me though

  3. That shot of Walt and Mickey for the portrait test proves the hit and miss of the Iphone's portrait mode. The lion flag and the crowds behind them are still very much in focus where as the Note 8 has it all blurred. I'd say the Note 8 handles the depth data better.

  4. Kind of bull how Samsung got chewed for being too oversaturated with their colors in their shots back then, but now that they're the ones showing more shots with true to life colors and the Iphone up its contrast and saturation, you get a bunch of people on here saying how amazing it is. Oh the hypocrisy of the world..

  5. I have to say the Samsung takes it.When he shot the Coca cola building the red from the iPhone didn't look realistic at all.The samsung also picked up the division in between the lights a lot better.I think the nighttime shots had a sense of strong warmth with them on the Note.And the image of the moon was a lot sharper.I don't know why but do any of you notice that the iPhone seems a lot more zoomed on the normal lense?

  6. I think it all comes to personal preference. If the difference is this small, I would definetley choose note 8. You can do so much more things with it. Not to mention Spen's amazing features, Note 8 has better display, live focus, optical image stabilization in both lens and expendable storage. Tbh, I already have the phone, and I freaking love it!

  7. Hi Dan how come supersaf’s comparison video shows the opposite results? Could it be that it all depends on the camera module that’s fitted into phone not the phone brand or model?

  8. I’ve tested S8 and Note 8 and now I have switched to iPhone 8 Plus. I found when I tested the Samsung Cameras the rear cameras are very good day light and low light. But the deal breaker for me was the Processing Samsung does on the Front Camera, it makes you look like plastic or some kind of wax work. It’s genuinely horrible.

  9. I just watched similar comparison videos involving the iPhone 8 Plus, one of them being from SafTV, but there, shockingly most of the time it didn't really perform as well as yours. I was a bit disappointed but now, I'm confused. ??

  10. I wish phone reviewers would hire professional photographers to do their camera tests. You keep confusing DYNAMIC RANGE with EXPOSURE and it's very annoying. The indoor shot where you said "just look at the windows…" showed more detail in the highlights, but tons less details in the shadows!! because the iPhone image had a lower exposure. This did not demonstrate a higher DR. If the shadows were as well-exposed on the iPhone at the same time as having better highlight details then you could say it had better DR. It was simply a darker image. Using your incorrect logic I could just as easily point out the superior shadow detail on the Galaxy and say it has better DR. Because both cameras handled the exposure differently we can't really tell which camera had better DR.