iPhone 8 Plus vs Note 8 – ULTIMATE Comparison!

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iPhone 8 Plus vs Galaxy Note 8 – How do they compare?? Find out here. Please leave a like, comment and subscribe if you enjoyed the video.

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  1. Sorry iPhone fanboys, but you gotta admit the Note 8 won this time. Even the Note's camera beats the iPhone camera this time. The iPhone seems to add in it's own contrast which is good, but I prefer to filter my own photos. The Note captures the color and scenario as it is perfectly. But I am hugely impressed with the Note 8's video, it did a great job at capturing color even with movement and has amazing anti glare systems. The iPhone's video really disappointed me. The 6GB of Ram also makes the Samsung practically a small computer.

  2. I hate to break it to you all but the simple fact of the matter is. If you're single and you go into a bar or are in college, and you pull out ANY android phone you automatically are a turn off for girls it's a 100% fact you can't even argue it

  3. Both of them are great but i prefer iphone 8plus because it’s faster stronger and it has great speakers that you didn’t test and it’s crucial for me but if we pay attention to design note 8 is absolutely better but i buy to use phone i don’t buy to see it so for me and persons who pay attention to this point iphone 8 plus is better

  4. samsung doesnt get slower over time. My friends note 4 still holds up, well he broke it a week ago so he had to get a new one but he bought it at launch. My 5s on the other side got slow after a year, i bought a year after launch

  5. I’ve had every major android flagship since 2012 and have recently changed to the iPhone 8plus and I can honestly say I don’t miss android one bit. I really like the iPhone 8 Plus.

  6. I don't give no f's about the small bezels or the no headphone jack. THE IPHONE 8 PLUS LOOKS WAY BETTER AND HAS A BETTER CAMERA, plus the galaxy looks like a box

  7. Still confused which phone i want ..! Im currently using iphone 6plus but sometimes i feel that iphone's arent practical and user-friendly as android. But the battery of iphone is extremely amazing and the phone it self last very long. I have been using my iphone for 3 years and so far less problem that occured compared to android does. Just thAt not so sure about samsung's battery in term of heavy usage and fastness later on.. ?

  8. Ok so i need one that is going to last me until i get a job so let's say… like 3-4 years…
    Which one would be better?… I'll just use it for social media, taking photos, playing games and probably drawing (if i get the iphone I'll also get a stylus) but which one is gonna last longer?

  9. Well hearing iphone will keep his speed for many many years is just ridiciolus. Just till next iphone comes out and they slow it down insanely

  10. I think there is no phone better or anything…. I have the Galaxy a7 edge and it's tripping slower etc iPhone stay fast but i have Android for almost 8 years now…
    and i have orderd a iPhone 8 plus 256gb gold…. it was the iPhone or the note 8, only the edge screen is very fragile my s7 edge is broken and i never dropt it or anything.
    and the shop says it's no garantee.
    i will see if the iPhone 8 plus is my phone and if i can used 2 it.
    i know for sure there is no bad phone Android Samsung iOS Apple it's al top of the art

  11. How do you not like the home button (wtf). And how do you not like the iris scanner (WTF again). Good review but some things that was mentioned was off.

  12. Purchased iPhone X , Returned iPhone X
    Purchased Note 8 , Keeping Note 8 .
    Just Fantastic Devices , paying £75 for Apple Fast Charge is just a poke in the Eye from ?