iPhone 8 Plus vs OnePlus 5 Camera Comparison

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Here is my camera comparison between the dual cameras on the iPhone 8 Plus and the OnePlus 5. Both have amazing cameras, and can produce some amazing looking results.
So does the OnePlus 5 have what it takes to beat the iPhone 8 Plus in the camera department?
Watch the video to get your answer, and for a lot of image and video samples.

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  1. Sagar I think we should stop talking that Oneplus 5 is cheaper. Its cheaper ofcourse, that's why it exists. I feel Oneplus should focus more on the camera department than on overkill specs. Lets be honest, Oxygen UI is pretty stock and light it definitely doesn't need 8GB of RAM to run the show. They need to bump upto 2K res for VR and improve the camera hardware.
    Next comparison : iPhone 8 plus vs Note 8 vs Pixel 2 XL! What say!?