iPhone 8 Plus vs. Pixel 2: Which video camera is the best?

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Read the CNET review article here –
The Pixel 2 and the iPhone 8 Plus battle it out to determine which phone’s camera does better portraits, landscape selfies and low-light shots.

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  1. #1 reason why you shouldn't trust the commentary. "The pixels color is more saturated" When looking at the different between the two blue signs the iPhone's video is the one that looks oversaturated. Soo… Yea

  2. apple shows more natural look like what you see is what you get but google and samsung try to manipulate colors to give more a vivid and saturated look. apple has the best color screen accuracy on the market. don't believe me GOOGLE it 😀

  3. theres a few gaps in the pixel when filming in 4k – but that says a-lot as to how far Googles phones have come. They are in it, to win it. They have taken hardware and photography seriously. They mean business. They keep this up, and they will catch the Samsungs of the world off guard !

  4. I tot the pixel would wipe the floor over the iPhone since the iPhone 7 was so terrible compared to its peers. It's still great but not S7 or Pixel level last year. This year iPhone really stepped up, colours more alive like a Samsung and I do not like wobble stabilisation, it makes me dizzy, either glide cam me or 5 axis stabiliser, prefer to apply electronic stabilisation in after effects.

  5. You should really re-do this when Google turns on their 8-cor Image Processing unit ASIC chip. I bet they'll have some sweet improvements that will blow everyone away.

  6. Just because the iPhone won on this video, it doesn't mean she's a apple fan. She needs to be honest, some of the iPhone's camera shots are actually better and people needs to accept that. Apple products are very expensive for its specifications, but imagine it, apple is one of the best tech company. Build quality, Materials and Taxes are one of the reasons why their products are too expensive

  7. Your review is biased. Every YouTube review points to the fact Pixel 2 XL is the clear winner overall for video and pictures as well. That's why apple fans like you should avoid doing comparison video reviews of apple with non apple products