iPhone 8 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Full Comparison

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In this video, we will do a full comparison between the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus.

A lot of people are wondering whether the Galaxy Note 8 is better or the iPhone 8 Plus is better, so we will fashion a precise an answer.

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  1. There were a few errors in the video that will be listed here:
    1 -The Note 8 was listed as having 1000 nits of brightness, it actually has 1200 nits, making it the brightest smartphone in the market.
    2 – I accidentally said iPhone was IP68 (verbal typo), but it is obviously IP67.
    3 – I made another verbal typo stating Note 8 has 4GB of RAM, but the text reflects the correct capacity which is 6GB of RAM.

  2. I love the way apple products look ??‍♀️ I’ve always had android and phones that have that similar style (because I couldn’t afford anything else) and they all sucked ass. Not only that, they’re pretty damn ugly. I just upgraded to an iPhone 7 Plus and its such a relief.

  3. Great review I was watching quite few videos of yours and found all reviews are unbiased great work u touch all aspects in deeper manner with great explanation keep up the good work viewers like me are very happy and very helpful to recommend or to take self decision about latest tech.. Tnx

  4. I disagree about the apps. I have an iPad that was a gift and I also own a note 5 that I purchased and I find the play store offers more apps than apple. Plus you can download launchers and icon customization apps. Also you are able to download roms and emulators as well so you have the ability to play arcade games and play system games as well. This isn't even close. Note 8 wins by destruction. Who really cares if an app opens a milli second faster. Google play is better than the app store in my opinion.

  5. Both are good, but I can’t stand the placement of the fingerprint scanner on the Note. Also, how does anyone think the Note is a better looking phone?? Maybe I’m just an Apple “fanboy” ?

  6. If you like Android then pick note 8. If you like ios pick iPhone. Iol not that much of a difference. One looks way better then the other. That's about it.

  7. The iPhone 8 Plus reminds me of my 2012 Galaxy Note II, except that it has an old legacy LCD display instead of the modern Super AMOLED that my Note II had 5 years ago. Also, my Note II had a 3.5mm interface and a standard micro USB2 plug. But the iPhone 8 Plus is almost as good as the Note II was. Apple's tech is not completely stagnant.

  8. note 8 is way better than any iphone,because samsung have note series,iphone should make note series,because s-pen means a lot for a customer and edge screen also.