iPhone 8 Review [Part 1]

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The iPhone 8 is already one of the most recognizable smartphones on the planet – because you have to look really close to discover it’s not just an iPhone 7 with a glossy paint job. But spending two days with an iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in New York City reminded me that you shouldn’t judge a smartphone by its chassis. The iPhone 8 family carries the fastest processor on the market and better low-light cameras than the competition – quite a far cry from the “specs aren’t everything” Apple of years past. Join me for part 1 of my iPhone 8 review/iPhone 8 Plus review, and stay tuned for Part 2 coming the week of September 25!


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MrMobile’s iPhone 8 / 8 Plus Initial Review was made possible by a collaboration with iMore. The review units featured in this video are pre-production samples on loan from Apple. They were tested over the course of two days and two nights in New York City on T-Mobile and AT&T.

Audio for this video was recorded on a ClipDigital lapel mic connected to an iPhone 8 Plus review device. Late in the editing process, VO input levels were found to be too low, requiring amplification in post. MrMobile knows it’s sub-optimal – but not to worry! He’ll be back in the sound booth for Part 2!


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  1. iPhone 7/7 Plus might be the last design to have aluminum rears. Shame. Then again, I saw that the 8/8 Plus is harder to scratch. Camera is also much improved especially in low light. I think with the looming shadow and imminent release of the X, the 8/8 Plus gets completely overlooked when it might be the best iPhone with the 6 series design. 

    iPhone 8 Plus has same SoC and rear camera as the X. Same amount of RAM as 7 Plus and X. I think a smarter move if you enjoy upgrading every year is to use the iPhone 8 Plus for a year and then get the successor to the X next September. Just use 8+ as a temporary place holder. There is no hassle getting it right now either since everyone has fallen into the X hype.

    I hate glass designs though. Doesn't feel right but the white rears don't show smudges as much. I just wished 8 Plus had a black front/white back option like the X.

    Best iPhone from each design –
    2G (only one)
    3Gs (first SoC upgrade, video recorder) 
    4s (first dual-core, better Antenna placement)
    SE (best 5/5s design with 6s SoC and rear cam)
    6s (last in those sizes to have headphone jack) 
    8 (wireless & fast charging, looks like the 4 & 6 series)

    I consider the 8 having a 6 series design but it also looks like a 4 series. 7 might be the last to use aluminum but 8 doesn't have the hassle of finding one, improved battery life, cameras, A11 Bionic etc. 

    The iPhone 8/8 Plus has a 4 & 6 series design remix. Harder to scratch an 8 than a 7. As much as people ignored the iPhone 8 & 8 Plus, they really are the best model from the 6 series. For anyone wanting a home button, they might be the last to feature it.

    2018 iPhones will all be "home-less" and have a devil horns screen/Bert from Sesame Street unibrow display. Pick up the 8 Plus now. Get the X2, X1, or whatever they call it next year when the features are more refined and they add another gig of RAM.

  2. Hey man, where are you?! Are you jocking, no new analizes for longer than 7 days.. You should remain in work relationship at POCKETNOW, understood?! You are a small reviewer, not Marc Brow, wake up!! You realy upset me now, I tought you'll goin to be agresssive when you left behind Jaime and Juan, now I see that those guys are puttin you like marmelade on a piece of bread.. Com'on Mike, com on to your senses mate.. Please!

  3. THIS is why I follow you Michael Fisher. Well, one is because your last name and my grandmother's is the same but two, there is no substitute for a truly intelligent review of smart phone, specifically one seemingly misunderstood as the Iphone 8. In truth, I don't for once believe the Iphone is "misunderstood" but it is taking a lot of undeserved criticism because Apple builds as it does for the people that got them to where they are. This is truly an eco-system thing. Apple didn't go for the squeezy sponge phone from HTC, the Barbie Dress Up Phone from Motorola and its Moto mods, or even the essential phone which does essentially nothing much to justify the 700 plus tax price tag.
    I use a One Plus 3t and love it but the technology in this iPhone 8 and 10 have my head turned. I had the chance to hold one my co-worker owns (Iphone 8 plus) and it is one sweet phone. Videos do this no justice. Anyway, I'm getting long winded again but I want to thank you for your ability to see beyond the 8×10 glossies. Not many have my respect as you do. Well done.

  4. I'm surprised you didn't have the Google Pixel's pictures to compare to the IPhone 8. We know the pictures and the image stabilization is phenominal. Maybe in part 2 of the review we will see that. 🙂

  5. i like the design of it, seems like a very good iphone, but even if i was a millionare i wouldnt buy this shit, not because of the phone itself but the os.. ios 11 is a fucking joke! good thing i never updated my iphone 5s! i updated my ipad (only use that one to watch youtube and snort coke and meth off so i decided to try it, don't update! barely anything works as good as before, many big flaws and unneeded changes, like the control center, jesus christ! its basically turning into a worse version of android! i bough apple because im a idiotic drug addict who knows about as much about technology as a 90 year old! all they added was a bunch of crap noone ever asked for, wheres the dark mode everyone wanted? no, instead they make both the notification and control center absolutely retarded, making a few icons uglier and making unnecessarily changes to animations just to make everything slower, ruining the brightness slide and putting a shitty volume slide next to it, and the glitches and problems in it makes it seem like its still a beta version! i am dissapointed!

  6. You’re a great man, Michael! Love your vids. Is that your girl in the pics? I hope she’s giving you the sexual satisfaction you deserve. If not, let me know. I’ll hook you up with a girl who’s appropriately grateful to be with a man of your stature.

  7. @3:03 I don't agree with your video review. I have personally tested and have found shooting a video on samsung note 8 plus 8 is way more like professional film making

  8. I think the reason people like iphone is, and this is from an android fan because

    1. the software is not as glitchy, cleaner and much more optimized-speed
    2.The Apple ecosystem works very well(air pods, iPad, mac books etc)
    3. Its much more simple and predictable

    Now I know the new iPhones are not that innovative and way too expensive but for someone who always uses apple, I can understand why they like the iPhone.

  9. I think the only thing that's profound about the iPhone is the camera and more specifically the video camera. It pretty much has the smoothest video out of the big boys.

    Everything else I'll give to android

  10. I'm thinking of buying this phone instead of the x. $1000 just seems out of hand paying for a phone. I know the 8 is an old designed phone but it's a classic design.

  11. I love Apple and I well buy it when I have the money but way the heck dose it cost 25$ for a fast charger usb ?
    Am kinda glad they don’t give you it’s bad for your Battery but it’s convenient

  12. I fully confess that the one thing I hate about your videos is how you pronounce 'mobile'.

    As a chap from the UK I'm just used to saying it, as it should be damn it, as 'mo-bile', so hearing it said as 'mo-bill' sounds really odd and annoying the more it is said.

    Speaks for your content I suppose that I can put up with it.