iPhone 8 Review: Skip this Great Phone!

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iPhone 8 is here already. But iPhone X is around the corner. What’s the verdict?
iPhone 8 (unlocked):
iPhone 8 skins:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: The Phoenix by Pyramid



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  1. In my opinion 1080p for a phone is more than enough.. No need 4k or more cause what for? Watch 4k in laptop or PC instead.. even 1080p for some laptop is more than enough.

  2. Plus the reason I’m not planning going all in on the 8 is because it’s basically the same as the 7 just a little better camera and sound quality and the wireless charging nothing major to make me spend 700$ for so Ima just get the 7 and get the next number iPhone ?

  3. Coming from someone who's last iphone was the 5s, this is exactly what I was looking for (minus having no headphone). Powerful cpu, wireless charging, and waterproofing on an iphone. If i wanted cool new features, I'd get an android. I'd get an iphone for clean ui and reliability.

  4. I went to a shop and was still disappointed
    Apple hasn’t fp even improved their slow motion camera yet
    If you are someone who records videos a lot get something like Sony or some phone with a better camera but so far I only find the camera a problem but nothing else really mattered i am very pleased the the old iPhone 4s I got it since it was released and it’s still alive just that the battery just drops quite easily I’ve dropped it 5 times and nothing broke my Samsung s4 broke just after ONE DROP but now I hope Samsung has improved but my sis had a iPhone 6s and just with one drop (even with tempered glass) the screen already cracked abit

  5. Awesome reviews and always the best! What phone would you pick in terms of battery life and future use: the iPhone 7+ or the iPhone 8?

  6. Me: 1080p screen is for budget smartphone nowadays.
    Apple: We have iphone 8 (720p screen) for only $699.00
    Me: but other brands budget smartphone cost only $450 and they have 1080p screen.
    Apple: If you want 1080p screen, we have iphone 8 plus starting at only $799.
    Me: I can buy a high end smartphone with 2k display with $799.
    Apple: If you want high end smartphone, we have iphone X starting at only $1000 but we discount to $999.
    Me: ….