iPhone 8 Rumor Roundup!

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A collection of everything we know and are hoping for in the next iPhone.

iOS 11 new charging sound:

Album of colored iPhones:

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  1. Hi Marques:) I recently (maybe I've been living too under the radar?) found out that Apple use Cobalt in their i Phones and , I'm thinking, maybe in other devices as well. Do you know if they ethically source this substance? Do you know if other digital device manufacturers use it ? Cheers for taking the time to answer:), Joanna

  2. Why don't they just integrate the fingerprint reader into the Apple logo on the back?? Seems like that would be a good idea; it wouldn't add an ugly aesthetic to it that way.

  3. Its sad that apple doesnt have any more innovative ideas i mean the infinity display is already on the new s8 and the wireless charging have been there since the s7 release if they would include these features it would just mean that they are following the crowd other than being the leader of it

  4. With the use of amoled type screens being used and with the potential on screen home button, what do you think the likely hood of serious screen burn in issues being present early on? Do you think there will be batches recalled? Or perhaps software tweaks or even hardware tweaks being made within the first few months of release? This is the reason I'm a little hesitant to get this from day one.

  5. the Top Strip on which the Hearing Speaker and Front Facing Camera are placed, spoils the design of iPhone X by giving the impression that screen is unfinished or there is a "Cut Out" in its contour.

    The Perfection is still far from our requests and Innovation is still lacking. To have been creating Hype about the Facial Recognition thing and to keep enphasizing this – proves a Poor Vision on the real complex features that still remain a Utopia.

    When Apple will thin the bezels to maximum and the thickness and size will reach the limits – there will be a real impasse and frustration for not being able to conceive a new design. We understand and foresee this.

    As to the Wirelessly Charging of the iPhone 8 – Nokia implemented this easy concept a long time ago – outdating this poor feature incorporated by the former.

    The Oleophobic Coating for iPhone 7 Plus Screen rubs off easily in time – Apple hoping that all people will apply a thin film in order to protect it.
    Is this the Perfect Technology we have to accept ?!

    Has it occured to Apple that many of us have prefered so far to use iPhones without any screen protection or back case ?! Of course it hasn t .

    Why some keys on the Keypad of the expensive Mac laptops do SQUEAK ?!

    Why does the adapter of the power cord of Macs get VERY HOT ?!
    Nobody knows !

    Shall we talk about Watches ?! or do we have to avoid a daring comparison with Patek Philippe.

    I don t mind the cancellation of USB ports on Macbook Pro's but I do mind the Lack of Innovation in Apple's Vision and the Squeaking on some keys of laptops.
    And not to mention the Thick Black Unelegant Strip around iMacs screens.

    The Value of nowadays' mobile phones Technology is metaphorically speaking at the same level with the Poor Vocabulary of many teenagers or grown up people where each phrase they construct uses preposition "Like" "As Well" or other repetitive words. And some of us will know straightaway that they need to Read Books or Newspapers.

    But the Saddest thing is that many pople in often situations use strong qualifying adjectives such as Amazing, Flawless, Awesome etc in relation to the value of a product deforming unintentionlly the reality.

    If those adjectives didn t exist – the Value of our Perception would reflect a closer Reality.

  6. Watching this for the first time AFTER the keynote.  I hate leaks and speculation, but it's quite nice to see how the tech reviewers do before and after.  This will help me figure out whether to watch future rumor videos…