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  1. iPhone X looks so dumb with that sensor bar. You wanna know the secret to bezeless display? Get rid of the front camera. I have never used mine. I'd be happy to let it go to get a huge display.

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  3. Quit using benchmarks. Everybody knows they mean Jack squat in the real world use. In fact videos are already showing that note 8 beats the Apple in real-world use in certain processes

  4. That happened to my 7 plus and when I went to the Apple store to get a new phone they were all shocked I was the first person to bring in a 7 Plus with an inflated battery

  5. 6:45 David Attenborough: And here we have a wild iPhone X in its natural habitat. The iPhone X is very endangered and are extremely rare.
    November 3: BREAKING NEWS!!! A very large amount of iPhone X's have been spotted in a place called an "apple store" and are being captured and hunted by wild Apple richies which are know to have very large quantities of a material called "money" and are using these wild iPhone X's for their enhanced skills in internet surfing and emoji animating.

  6. The 8 isn't selling well because of the 10, what shows that is in some markets the iPhone 7 was out selling the 8 so alot of people aren't waiting