iPhone 8 vs Galaxy S8 Drop Test! Strongest Glass Ever?

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Apple iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8 durability drop test using a professional drop test machine.


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  1. As some of you pointed out, there was an editing error in this video. The phone showing up at 2:36 is actually not the S8, but an iPhone 7. We accidentally used footage from our iPhone 7 drop test for that one scene instead of using the Galaxy S8's footage. All other scenes are fine.

    You can see the original footage from our S8 vs. iPhone 7 drop test here: https://youtu.be/8i4R5xzodfQ?t=2m50s

    As you'll see, we accidentally used the iPhone 7's footage instead of the S8's. All the drops in this video however are accurate. Just an editing mixup due to lack of sleep haha.

    Thanks to everyone who let us know about this!

    – David

  2. Do not buy the case recommend the ridges on the back scratched the fuck out of my s8 defeating part of the purpose of having a car at all!

  3. Dude you keep dropping the galaxy s8 on it's corner to make it worse and the iphone flat on one side so the impact is distributed evenly

  4. watches on iphone X brooo, i fix iphone screens…. Ive seen 3 phones that are, terrible, 2 iphone 7's and an iphone 4s, the 4s didnt even have glass on it at the end and the lcd still worked, and 2 7's one a plus had every pice of glass on the bezel off and the lxd was slightly cracked and it still worked… The other one, the smart ass decided to tear every pice of glass off too, and tore into the display and lost touch sensitivity lmao