iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7 – Differences that matter?

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Watch our most recent comparison, now with the iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7. The most common question I hear today is if the iPhone 8 is a worthy upgrade. Some people still have the iPhone 7, and feel this is just the iPhone 7s. And then there’s the irony that you can still buy both from Cupertino at the moment, with the 7 costing slightly less money. It’s only fair for us to put them head to head on a comparison and see just how similar they really are. You’d be shocked at just how different they are in the things that matter.

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  1. True Tone is the biggest shit ever build in in a display. I don't know even 1 person who use that. Everything shifts to yellow and looks like a softer version of night shift.

  2. Will I got the iPhone 8 Plus cause I like that it’s the new iPhone and cause of the reason of the style but I still love the x anyway

  3. Ive got the 6 still and I’m looking to buy a new one, should i get the 7 and save $250 or get the 8? Ik how similar they are, but quite frankly phones just cut out after about 3 years, and so I’m afraid buying a 1 year old Phone will set its lifespan back even further