iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Full Comparison

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In this video, we will do a full comparison between the iPhone 8 vs the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The iPhone 8 and the Galaxy S8 are the two of the hottest smartphones in the market and a lot of people are wondering which one is better.

So let’s dive in and find out.

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  1. For devs it's much easier to develop games for iOS since there's only a few models to worry about unlike the whole Android Galaxy ( no pun intended) …I can't wait for more games to come out for my S8…stuff that actually challenges its power ..

  2. Guys my parents told me that I can choose from the iPhone 8 and the Galaxy S8. I've been thinking for an entire day and still can't decide… Which should I buy pls tell me :/

  3. I think samsung is better then apple but I think that Apple is just sitting there lazy just enjoying all there money because they were the first people to invent the smartphone

  4. From last 4 years I am using apple smart phone
    I am big fan of apple
    However looking at this iphone 8 i am done with apple they better expanded the display its like we are living in 2016 and take a look at the s8 its stunning its remind of us the 2018 so i am switching to s8 from iphone lets see how much i will enjoy from it

  5. From a person who used both phones, i still choose Iphone instead of Samsung. Samsung might look nice to you when u used it for first 6 months but after that, the speed of the phone is decreasing, the battery is draining so fast, the error also occur quite often. Compare to Iphone, it’s different. After using my 6s+ for almost 2 years now, the phone speed is still the same. The camera is still working perfectly fine. So to me, apple still wins in term of longevity.

  6. You forgot to talk about the cellular connectivity differences between the two phones.
    The iPhone does not support 4x4MIMO technology, it only works with CA and 256QAM and 2x2MIMO. Apple made this to the snapdragon x16 chip that comes in the Qualcomm iPhones to make then similar to their intel chip counterparts then hence the Qualcomm/Apple legal battle. The s8 on the other hand has 4x4MIMO, 4CA and 256QAM making it a gigabit phone and getting the advantage over the iPhone phone in terms of network speed (if used in a network with those technologies e.g. T-Mobile) and much better cellular reception. Before the haters come swinging, I'm currently using the Galaxy S8 and the iPhone 8X, and can tell there is definitely a difference.

  7. You can’t compare the iPhone eight to the Samsung s8+ it should be both +s or no pluses and the iPhone 8 looks way better on the back so u can’t give the s8+ better looks

  8. i have bought iphone 8 becouse i had iphone 5s before. iOS is more userfriendly, easier. I ended using android on Galaxy S3. Maybe now it's better. Next time I will spend more time for choosing Android or iOS

  9. iPhone is only for rich people. its a VIP phone, secure, regular update and easy to use. and u can games on it 24/7.
    Samsung for those who like to use 3rd party apps and unsecured. u cant play games more than 2 hrs coz screen gets so hotter. messy and unwanted apps difficult to use. each model comes with different functions.

  10. As an avid apple user, it’s hard to watch these comparisons and justify my decisions. Obviously I️ use Apple because of the OS and overall fluency of it. And, while the screen is a bit of a disappointment, I️ have consistently used my phones, laptops, and tablets at minimal brightness to begin with to conserve battery life (plus full brightness is distracting). So, while the s8 is visually stunning, the benefits of the design won’t sway an apple user away from their apple products. They still boast superior performance and the overall apple ecosystem is hard to move away from.