iPhone Buying Guide – January 2018

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Which iPhone should you buy in January of 2018? Let’s figure this out! Don’t forget to leave a like and comment which iPhone you think is the best value down below!

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iPhone 7- Review Coming Soon!
iPhone X-

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  1. I bought iPhones since 2014 I bought the iPhone X in December but I have realized that android is better Simó I have to wait for 2 years to get the galaxy note so I’m basically done with apple except with the computers the lesson is switch to android unless you don’t want to end up like me

  2. Guys I need help!!! What should I get???? Product Red 7 Plus 256gb (T-Mobile still has in stock) or a Gold 8 Plus 64gb???? I’m having trouble picking between the 2! Please help!

  3. I purchased a iPhone SE (32GB Space Gray) for $127 is that a good deal? Btw it’s Off Contract, purchased via Amazon.in & traded my iPhone 5s for $63. Please help me is that a good deal???

  4. i want to upgrade to a new phone since my dad will not let me update to ios 11 which makes sense on my 5s that i got in 2016 of august. If i never update it, guessing apps will soon be outdated for ios 9 which i am running currently on my IPhone. Problem is, don't know if my parents will even allow me upgrade even though I have like about $400 from my grandparents or should I just keep using it until 2019. help me

  5. I have iPod Touch 6 and love it . No battery issues and fast. I have a crappy phone on the side to use. You can get a 32gb for as low as 189 or 16gb slightly cheaper.
    Get a flip phone on the side if you need phone functionality

    Pros –

    A8 chip
    iOS 11 support

    Good camera

    No Touch ID (i don’t care but other people might)

  6. I feel the. X is the best because if your buying a new phone, you should just pay a bit more money over the 8 and get the best of the best

  7. While Apple is really good by making you feel you absolutely need the newest iPhone.. previous generations of iPhones are just as good. They could easily last you several years, provided you take care of your phones of course and not some impulse buyer by always having the latest and greatest

  8. hey i thought the background was glued iphones to a wall and put lights over it! plz respond love the vids and i have 5c it runs pretty nice on ios 10 only conplaint no ios 11:(

  9. Imo no iPhone before the 6s is worth it since they don't have Band 12 support and only 1gb RAM. The 6s is the only iPhone I'll consider since it still has a headphone jack and is still pretty okay, And I have my brothers old one that he water logged that I'm trying to fix.

  10. I recommend buying the ip8 plus. I have it and man, I must say that the battery is so optimized with ios 11. It lasts a whole day and doesnt drain too much. and the performance is really good. I'm satisfied with its simplicity. But what I can conclude is that, its not as reliable as Android. Yes its simple, but it doesnt have many features and sometimes its complicated to use. But oh well, I just use it for gaming and research purposes. media is good also 🙂

  11. I am iphone FAN,So for batter image and vedio quality should i buy iphone x or wait for iphone xl plus model bcoz every smartphone has upgrade in camera in every year ,so what did u sugest me?