iPhone or Galaxy S10 | Should You Switch?

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Has Samsung finally made a phone in the Galaxy S10 that will make people switch from the iPhone?
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  1. I am definitely considering it, but I am planning to do so in three years time, because as you said; these iPhones are extremely reliable. I am planning to switch to the trio of an S10 plus, a think-pad, and a galaxy watch. But again this would be in three years time because my iPhone, mac, and Apple Watch are still perfectly satisfactory: in my experience, there are still days when I am completely blown away the iPhone X display, so I’m not quite ready to throw in the towel on Apple.

  2. You say iPhone has a long shelf life? Pretty sure they have a 50% failure rate after 2 years… Every iPhone my wife has had fails after two years.

  3. I've been an Android user ever since Samsung Galaxy S4 was out. Now I own a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and I've honestly changed my phones very rarely. In fact I kept my S4 for 4-5 years and ran well until I got my hands on the S7. I am honestly holding myself to wait for a Samsung Galaxy Note 10. I want to get the Note because I think that they are the best phones from Samsung and I wanna have it, but I would rather wait a year more to get myself with the newest version. They are good phones, but if you're a Apple user for such a long time is like quitting cigarettes, quite difficult to say the least. I am tempted to buy at one point an Apple so I can always have comparison and use one phone for business and the other for personal, Apple seems to be more fitting for business, but I am eager to hear what you guys think.

  4. The Galaxy S10 is the first Android phone that has me thinking about switching. The fingerprint scanner alone is almost making it worth it. I've not been a huge fan of Face ID since getting my iPhone X last fall. The S10 full screen is impressive, and it's the first time I've thought Samsung created a phone that's as sexy as some of the newer iPhones. BUT.. I've been an Apple fanboy for a long time, and I'm fully immersed in the Apple ecosystem as well. So therein lies my dilemma.

  5. What are you on about? Samsung has been selling their oled screens to Apple for years now. The i9 Mac pcs are running slower than previous i7 normal pcs. Apple has been selling sub standard hardware at a premium price for years now.

  6. I changed from android to iOS 👌😂 and I like it. I’ll use it till next year probably and get an android maybe we’ll see. I like the smoothness of iOS so far I happy with it

  7. I did and I have to say… I guess it doesn’t matter anymore. I’ve missed some features when I switched to iOS and now I’m missing some Apple features since I’ve switched back to Android.

    I like the infinity Display much more than the notch and you still have an aux and usbC port.

  8. Apple is luxury company Samsung is a fruntier company. Do u want extreme luxury or cutting edge innovations and something new evty year. Apple innovates same as Samsung adds features has exclusives exc but Apple is more of a luxury company then sameung could ever be.

  9. I have double downed on ALL Apple from iPhone 4 onward all the way to my most recent purchase of a HomePod. So No, I’m entrenched in DAT ECOSYSTEM. I’m like an undercover cop who’s in too deep! Just like Laurence Fishburne! I cannot possibly get out of the Apple Life. I was an Android user from Day One though, I’m not kidding, I’m one of the few and proud who used and enjoyed Android 1.0 but iOS called to me and I couldn’t resist. iPhone 4 looked and felt so Premium and iOS at that time felt so polished that I had to have it! I’m never looking back.

  10. What, Samsung eco system expand to Air conditioner, Tv , Samsung dex, Windows, microwaves, Bulbs, galaxy gear icon which wear before apple air pods by date.

  11. I get so sick of clickbait like this. It’s five months newer than the iPhones. Of course it’s better. 2019 iPhones will be better than that though, and 2027 times will be better than the 2019 iPhones. That’s just how it goes

  12. I choose galaxy s10, I'm samsung fanboy, especially I like ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, should I switch from my current phone? of course not, I will upgrade my phone when my phone is broken mess.

  13. everyone saying they switched are all old y’all jus don’t know what ya doing. The camera on the XS and XR is so much better and the phone just runs smoother in general. Also the iMessage platform is so much simpler and cleaner. The face id also makes opening your phone so much easier and quicker.

  14. Apple needs split screens / picture in picture. I want to be able to watch YouTube while scrolling through Facebook or checking email.