iPhone SE (2020) “Faster than the fastest Android phones.”

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The iPhone SE 2020 review on whys it’s the best phone for every day use.
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  1. Just bought (on behalf of my Dad) a manufacturer refurbished iPhone SE 2020 (Product RED) from eBay.

    I got an extremely good deal, the phone is in great condition, looks brand new with no scratches, fully boxed in the eco friendly size box (that excludes the charger) with all the accessories.

    From what I have used, the iOS 14 update took a long time to initialise the install of the update but once that was done, connecting to iTunes to transfer everything from the backup of the iPhone SE first generation was quick and easy.

    The camera seems good, it seems quick to navigate through iOS and is the perfect size for my Dad. His previous iPhones have been the iPhone 4, 5s and iPhone SE first generation and he did not want a phone the size (or price) of the iPhone 11.

    You get the important specs in a smaller chassis that suits people like my Dad, he wants a small phone (not a phablet) to listen to podcasts, take photos and use WhatsApp in the comfort of the iOS software he is familiar with.

    Also, the price was a real selling point, £300 for a manufacturer refurbished with 12 month warranty from a reputable seller on eBay. eBay then had 20% off taking the price to £240. A good phone for a great price. I would recommend the phone if you want an iPhone at a reasonable price.

  2. Dude, even the iPhone 6s is fast like that. Much more smoother than any Android phone of the same age. Just the battery that sucks–but that's to be expected. That's iOS for you. The same goes for the Mac, as opposed to PC. Even the 2011 MacBook Pro is still so much useful than any Windows-based PC of the same age. That's MacOS for you.

  3. Some people don’t understand that if you want the iPhone 11 or 11 pro, the iPhone se isn’t marketed towards you. It’s marketed towards the modest consumer, someone who uses their phone <4.5-5 hours per day, and either doesn’t play games or plays them on a device such as an iPad, computer, Xbox, etc… like honestly, why are you thinking of playing games if you’re buying a 4.7” phone, or playing games on a phone at all unless you’re in the waiting room of a doctors office. The screen is fine, yeah it’s no S20 Ultra but it works well and it looks good when I’m using it. I prioritize things like a car and a PC over a phone anyway.

  4. It has fast 18watt charging but Tim 🍎 cheaps out & sticks you with a 5watt charger in the box? Do you really want to go back to a 4.7in display? An very outdated design, nah. Will the 1820mamp 🔋 get you through a full day of use? Yes, the A13 bionic chip, good 📷's & even wireless, but it's just not for me?

  5. My XS is the last high priced iPhone I will ever buy. You might mention that NeuralCam does a decent job replicating Night Mode for just a very few $$$. Actually, I think it was $3. My XS makes a great iPod while the SE becomes my regular phone.

  6. Hiya. I hate this phone with a passion. Before I start, full disclosure: I used Apple only laptops and phones for 29 consecutive years. Never Windows, never Android. So I'm not 'one of them' or an iHater. I loved Steve Jobs and worked for him for free for years in one of his first stores. When Steve died he took Apple with it. Tim Cook is an uninspired pencil pushing crook.
    This SE has prompted all sorts of YouTuber 'talking points'. Your subtitle is one of them: 'faster than the fastest Android phones'. I"m not sure that's even true, but sure — that chip Apple makes sure is amazing. But…
    … if you're not a serious PubG gamer type — AND MOST PEOPLE AREN'T — most Android phones are fast enough for everything else. And so POOF there's goes 'the speed!!!!' crapola. I don't need a car that goes from 0-60 the fastest… and neither do 99.9% of drivers thank you.
    The camera is nice, yes, but so are many Android phones. That are the same price. Oh, by the by, I'm not a Samsung person. OnePlus and keeping an eye on Xiaomi. And I'm talking about phones that are basically the same price, a little more, or a little to a LOT less.
    You know how iPhone lovers bragged and bragged about the Face Unlock? Why it sucked to be on Android and so 'insecure' that way? Funny… all that talk magically went away with this phone. If you're not really with the CIA but just a normal person… than I think that 'feature' is what so much of Apple is these days: overpriced nonsense.
    You said usually phone makers handicap things on cheaper phones but not this time. Is it just me or does this phone look like the last iPhone I had (6 in 2014), have an LCD panel, and bezels the size of surfboards?
    Oh, yeah, that reminds me of a new talking point I've been hearing, "Since most users don't even know what a bezel is it doesn't really matter." That's rich. So they're saying iPhone users are so brainwashed the idea of having a needlessly tiny shit screen doesn't matter to them.
    This phone is worth about $199. If that were the price this comment wouldn't be here.
    Wake up, friend. You're being had.

  7. No joke, I was gearing up to buy the 11 this June, coincidently this bad boy got released with the same internals.
    No brainer to buy the SE 2.

  8. I prefer white bezels, I can’t count the number of times I have put my coffee mug on my phone because I cannot see it in a dimly lit room while watching a movie.