iPhone SE (2020) – iPhones are Cheaper than Android Phones?

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The iPhone SE 2020 or iPhone SE2 is here and the price is absolutely bonkers. But is it worth buying over some of the Android smartphones that are currently available? Watch for the full video!

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  1. What's so funny is I work in a retail store and we have prepaid phones and the SE iPhone right now is going for $145 where The Galaxy phone that's sitting right beside it goes for $199 prepaid I never thought that would happen

  2. Want a cheap phone call up my dad he is the king of cheap phones this man can find a Chinese phone with the best screen and durability and a good camera it's an umidigi lol

  3. "that's a fantastic sacrifice" I guess you were talking about sacrificing objectivity and criticism towards Apple, what a sell out, I started watching this channel for laptops and I see that is what this should be because talking about phones is not the source of useful info, unless it is fun to listen how a sellout would sound who does not want tech to improve and praises laziness….

  4. Actually not true Samsung a51 a50 a80 a70 a71 and other androids the rest of them beat iPhone be use they r way cheaper and better you have to check it out the only thing is its not water resistant or durable but you can put a protection cause and screen and your good
    "I'm not a Android fan or iPhone I'm just saying to save your money"

  5. The iPhone 11 got so much hate, then everyone wants it.

    The iPhone SE 2020 is getting hate, everyone is probably might want it because it’s so cheap and good.
    Also I think this was made more for kids who have phones 😂

  6. The fact that so many Android fans are recognizing their bias and actually appreciating this phone gives me hope for the tech community

  7. Despite the processor I don't think that this device is a budget phone. Let me explain in this way: if any other brand (Samsung, Huawei, LG, Sony or XİAOMİ..) would offer a cellphone with a 720p lc didplay, such thick bazels and just one camera for 400$-nobody would say it is a budget phone just because it had SD865 (most powerful processor in Android)..

  8. iPhone SE 2020 is just a revamped version of iPhone 8. Technically A13 bionic chipset isn't created for "iPhone 8". Seriously, a powerful high-end SoC with 1821mAh battery in 2020? RIP. We're all blinded by Apple with their powerful A13. Its totally irrelevant in 2020 with this kind of low capacity battery. Apple is just making money by using their old overpriced iPhone 8 blueprint.

  9. Many people that bash the iPhone SE doesnt understand the market…. they are phone nerds, and phone nerds counts for the 1-10% of the market, where the average consumer who will buy the iPhone 11, iPhone SE is the majority and as well as other cheap Android phones. Look at the sale figures, cheap phone SELLS and PEOPLE DOESNT CARE IF IT HAS 99.69420% screen to body ratio or DOESNT CARE IF IT HAS AN OLED SCREEN WITH 1:6969696969696969 contrast ratio or 42069 mAh or DOESNT CARE IF IT IS 420mp camera.

  10. $400 in the U.S. $600 in Canada. The US/Canada exchange rate is not anywhere near 50%. In the US the iPhone SE is $50 less than the iPhone 8 it replaced. Canadians didn't get the same consideration. Instead Apple once again gave Canadians the middle finger.

  11. Wait wait so people are mad at this device because is “simple”? My guuuyy when the first iPhone SE was announced it used an iPhone 5s body, literally an iPhone 5s body, that’s when the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 where on top of the line. Yet people loved the SE model because it was SIMPLE and it used an older iPhone body, but it had most of the things the newer iPhones had, and now those same people that loved the SE are mad because apple did literally the same thing😂😂 they used an older iPhone body and they put the new A13 Bionic chip, literally they did the same thing and people are mad about that🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️😂 you guys expected some big changes from an iPhone that starts at 400$😂😂 come on guys don’t be that surprised next time

  12. Thought you didn't discriminate, why was only 1 phone on the desk and in the limelight, where's the second phone, no love?…lol (just joking)!

  13. Never been a fan of Apple but damn, this is my smartphone. Right size, right price, just one camera (I use a mirrorless when I want to take serious pics). I'll just wait a few weeks to know more about battery life.

  14. Interesting… I find that the SE 2(020) is a weird offering. Who is it supposed to appeal to??? Perhaps the budget conscious Apple fanatic??? Would it appeal to the less technically minded???

    Regarding software updates… I really don't think that the issue of software updates is really that important on Android for the simple fact that the updates on many Android handsets – especially the flagships – gets updated to a certain point, e.g. until the next upgrade! As an Android user, I don't have anything to complain about where updates are concerned. I can't think of any app that requires the latest Android update. In addition, Google says that it may release incremental upgrades via the Play Store, which makes a lot of sense.

    Also, there are many budget, midrange and even some upper midrange handsets from China that are quite close to flagship performance in many ways. Handsets from Xiaomi, Oppo, etc. are becoming incredibly powerful and cost effective. I would imagine that the iPhone SE 2 will appeal to those who prefer that form over the larger iPhone models. I've heard a few women gasp with incredulity at a screen larger than 5 inches. So, perhaps that the market for the SE 2.