iPhone SE (2020): Pros & Cons!

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The 2020 iPhone SE is Apple’s newest entry into the “budget” smartphone market. But it has a lot of Pros & Cons that come with it.

In this video, I break down the iPhone SE 2 piece by piece, in order for you to make the most informed purchase decision! And also to answer this question: Does it live up to the legacy of the original iPhone SE?

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  1. Just ordered a iPhone SE (2020) today from Consumer Cellular for $250. This is my first smart phone. Yes I know. I am 10 years behind phone technology. Not the latest and greatest, but a step-up from my no wi-fi flip open phone.

  2. Honestly, idc how big it bc I’m using an iPad rn. I’d rather have a smaller phone but if I’m fine w/ an iPad, I should be fine with any phone

  3. People missed out on the beauty that was the iPhone 5s. Amazing battery life and the phone itself was just a beaut. Amazing size. The battery it felt like would last an eternity per charge. Idk which size I liked more, the 5s or the 6s…the 6s might be the perfect size though for a smartphone. The only "negative" thing with the 5s was that at 0% battery, it can take 15-20 min with the charger plugged in before it turns back on. It wasn't much of a big deal since I always charged mine at night. 5 years later with the same battery is still really amazing, it out beats my 6s battery of less than 2 years by a pretty good margin. Idk it just felt good using the phone that I didn't have that same feeling with the other phones, maybe because the size and shape was just that good, im not sure. I am hoping to restore some of those feelings with the SE 2020 soon. I still think the 5s takes good picture and video quality.

  4. It's a great phone, if you are looking at it the screen size takes a couple hours to get use to but other than that and the battery life it is fine. Really premium materials can't wait for the next one to come out. Maybe get rid of the home button keep the single camera so it is different from other phones, square case, no notch, then it would be the best imo. it might cost a hundred dollars more though

  5. NIce job on the review … I’ve got an iPad Pro at home and so this phone is good for me as I don’t game or watch videos all day on my phone .

  6. I wish it looked like the iPhone 11 but instead of Face ID has a finger print sensor on the back and has maybe a older processor so it still has a the 400 dollar price

  7. Very good review. I was disappointed In the camera night mode. I'm trying to decide on a midrange phone. I would like to see you compare the iPhone se 2nd generation to the google pixel.

  8. I got this phone for my birthday and I really like it. I’m not sure the iPhone 11 or 12 has features that I really can’t live without. I will buy the Apple Watch ⌚️ and then I’m super happy!

  9. This is shittest phone & after 5 & X, I downgraded to SE & gradually want to fade off apple & move to android
    The battery of this phone is pré-historic, forget all feature, display etc – it’s not usable at all – crap
    You have to charge 4 times in a day, that’s only if you are heavy talker – business talker not just chit chat I mean
    I had to buy 3 gadgets – wireless car charger, wireless desktop charger & power bank cover.
    So the light or pocket friendly form factor is a toss.
    Android phone on the other hand lasts days together , they do gr8 photos, videos, media & so on . For this price you get bomber android.
    This is my last iPhone

  10. I have a rose gold 6s plus which I love, but it's started to bug me how big it is. I have very small hands and I use my computer for everything, I don't need a huge phone to watch videos. Part of me wants the new iPhone 12 mini, but in my heart I know I should go for the SE… 😅

  11. I had the original se and it was hard to type on , and I’ve small hands. I now have the new se and I’m very happy with it. Yes the battery could be better but I wouldn’t say it was awful. It’s down to £379 at the moment so great value

  12. i’m getting this for my first phone so i’m pretty excited
    edit: i also got a question, say your a twin and you use face ID will your twin be able to open your phone with face ID since you look alike?