iPhone SE iOS 11 Review Should you update ?

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iOS 11 Review on iPhone SE

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  1. I'm really liking iOS 11 on my SE. I carry an iPhone SE and have never felt the need for a larger phone. It's pocket-able and discrete. When I travel overseas, I find it handy to have a small phone. Heck, I have an iPad Pro 9.7 in my backpack, if I want to watch video on a nice screen.

  2. Iphone SE is the best smart phone in the world…it defeated iphone 6s 7 and 8 in terms of speed battery and software…no glitches in the software but in 6 6 6s 7 & 8 they are loaded with crap…SE is underrated but people who have SE has got the best phone in the world and they appreciate it !!

  3. Hi buddy,
    What memory size of iphone you are using in this video,
    Kindly let me know if i am using the 32 GB iphone then how much memory will be available for the use after upgrading it to IOS 11.

  4. So I kind of need your advice about the iPhone SE I understand you did the 11 update For the phone but did you put 11.1 on the phone or even maybe the beta testing on the phone because here’s my dilemma I have a iPhone 6 and I have 11.1 update on my phone and also I even also did the beta updates and I’m having issue like my phone being very slow sort of and my battery times to die completely like I would say if it’s at 23% my phone will just die completely but roughly even when I’m just using my phone I would say approximately for 45 minutes or maybe like an hour or so It would just turn it off just like that so that’s just about that but the thing is though again I just want to know if you put the update for the stuff that I talked about for the iPhone SE because the thing is though I did hear some information for the beta testing I think it was probably on the other channel that it’s not working with the iPhone 8 Plus and it’s kind of funny to me because that issue shouldn’t even be happening when it’s a new phone you understand so I just want to hear your opinion I don’t know what exactly you could tell me but it’s just that I’m thinking about getting a new phone and if I’m gonna be going through the same issue for the iPhone 8 Plus or even iPhone eight or even the iPhone X for that matter I don’t know I just don’t want to make the wrong decision for myself that’s why am just thinking about getting a Google pixel phone or maybe the Samsung galaxy or a galaxy + note 8

  5. Very important question!!!!!!!! Does iOS work on iPhone SE 16gb?
    I know it doesn’t on 32gb phones but what about 16gb?????????

  6. Hey I have the iPhone SE in its original version. I see the update for IOS 11 and I was wondering if I update from my phone will it restart and delete all my stuff or will I have everything still on it