iPhone SE iOS 12 GM vs 10.3.3 !

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Hey YouTube!
So as promised the most commented phone gets the next video! And it was the SE! Next phone will be the 6s! So with SE stuff are looking good , ram was almost perfect , and cpu was just slightly slower than iOS 10 , which still makes it better than ios 11!


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  1. But if somebody updated to iOS 11, he or she should update to iOS 12, because it is much better, than iOS 11. My iPad Air 2 is actually started to fly after I updated to iOS 12 ( I was stupid and updated before iOS 11 ).

  2. Idk if it's a bug, but the battery stood at 100% on ios 10, while on the iOS 12 went down to 92%
    Hope the battery is not as worse as it seems from this video

  3. In case someone has doubt about battery life, what I observed from this video was iOS 12 battery life is poor compare to iOS 10.3.3. Both phones were charged 100% at the beginning but by the end of video they were 92% and 100% respectively.