iPhone SE vs iPhone 8 Review 3 Weeks Later: Is It Even Worth The Upgrade?

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  1. I have bought iphone se but i would not recommend that if somebody already has iphone 8 so he should not buy iphone se You can simply change your phones battery i dont think so there is some differences between iphone 8 and se

  2. I have a samsung s8, should i upgrade to a iphone se or iphone 8. Im 13 and i dont relly know if i need an se, i only use my phone for calling and somtimes i play some games. But i have a ipad so i use thet for YouTube and netflix.

  3. What really makes me mad is that I’m on an iPhone 5s right now. I’ve tried to convince my parents to let me buy the SE since it’s more up to date and pretty close in price comparison to a refurbished iPhone 8 from the Apple store. They instead decided to buy me the iPhone 8 (refurbished) that will soon stop receiving updates in a year or two instead of the SE that is faster and will have more value up until its time for another upgrade.

  4. Maybe I'm the only person in the comments who cares about phone reception and internet connectivity, but from what I've heard the iPhone 8 is much better, because it has a Qualcomm modem, and the SE has an Intel modem.
    Has anyone noticed a difference in call quality and/or internet connectivity when switching from an iPhone 8 to an iPhone SE 2020?
    It seems odd to spend money to buy a phone that doesn't work for making calls as well as the phone you own.

  5. i just bought a brand new iphone se yesterday and iim so happy with it, i had the 5s since 2015 lmao needed upgrade x) and SE is perfect

  6. Sorry but all the reasons you gave us are not worth the upgrade. iPhone SE faster than iPhone 8? by what, 5 -10 seconds? Better camera? I didn't see much difference, and probably the people who are keeping the 8 are not going to be impressed by the "better" quality of the iPhone SE. The only "reason" to upgrade would be longer support, but then, you can wait 2 years and keep the iPhone 8 and buy the SE at a fraction of the cost. iPhone 8s are being sold for less than $200, is the SE 2x better? No Way.

  7. I got a mint iPhone 8 256gb 100% battery health refurbished for $350CAD. I'm gonna send in my iPhone 7 in and get $120CAD in Apple Credit. Pretty happy with it.

  8. Yes 100% worth upgrading because of these things
    1.A13 Bionic chip and third generation Neural Engine (this even makes it last longer)
    4. 3GB of RAM
    2.better cameras (kinda)
    3.wifi 6
    4.gigabit LTE
    And you may like new colors with black bezels and a brand new iphone,Well I guess it’s not possible to find any brand new iphone 8
    Also i’m not sure but I think se does have 120Hz touch sample rate and 8 doesn’t

  9. There are deals to be found on the new SE all the time. Walmart had them for $150 for quite some time I think it’s $200 now, incredible.

  10. I used to have a iPhone 8, I loved that phone. But I’m a dick so shattered it within nine months of having it last month. Then I upgraded to the iPhone SE for some reason. Probably cause I thought it would be stronger. I cracked my fucking phone within 2 weeks of having it.

  11. 7:38 saying iPhone 8 has only two more available updates left, it’s getting really to a no mans land: iPhone 6s will probably receive iOS 15, 7 2 or maybe even 3 more updates and the 8 for sure will receive from 4 to 5 easily. The gap between the 7 and the 8 is huge

  12. The problem with SE2020 is that it doesn't give you an upgrade feeling. It gives you impression that you are getting iPhone 5c but in 2020.

    It feels like you will repeat that scenario and will get the same low longevity of a phone. As 5c was the shortest supported iphone and you felt like you have saved some $$$ you were faced to buy a nweer one much sooner compared to iPhone 6 or 5s. 
    Me personally, still using 6s and will not trade my 3,5 headphone jack for anything. perhaps I am not using 100% of phone features, so does the other 99% of people.
    Let me know what you think?

  13. I came from a 6 and almost got the 12 mini but decided I’d wait till the mini design is better optimised in a generation or 2. So here I am watching this video on a new SE. I have to say I’m very happy and impressed with it!

  14. Watching on my iPhone se 2020 got from metro for 180 it was worth it because I didn't have a phone broke my Samsung Galaxy a51 anyways the iPhone se is allot better then I expected great video too

  15. I’m going to upgrade from the og SE to this.
    I’ve been on both iOS and Android, but choose iOS because I just need something to work all the time and iOS hasn’t failed me. Heck, the 6s and my old SE just got iOS 14. Talk about support. When was the last time you saw an Android phone get support past 2 years?
    iOS just makes sense. Just don’t always “upgrade” to the latest and greatest model. You’ll go broke.
    But this new SE like the one before it, was based on value. And that’s what important in these times.
    A phone that works. An os that’s stable. A price that can’t be beat. And support for many years to come.

  16. Great video. I'm upgrading from the iPhone 4 (of course that has not been my main device for YEARS). Why leaving Android and returning to iOS? Well, to see how far iOS has come and it it will serve my needs well.

  17. I came from the Note 9, and honestly, I’m loving the SE. been an Android guy for over a decade but I gotta say the SE is really impressive