iPhone SE vs Redmi K30 Pro – Apple vs Android Flagship Killer! (Part 2)

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Here is Part 2 of my EPIC iPhone SE vs Redmi K30 Pro Zoom Showdown! It’s Apple vs Android Flagship Killers! Which phone will be crowned the ultimate affordable flagship of 2020? Go check out Part 1 (Design, Display, Performance, Audio, Battery) if you haven’t already! #iPhoneSE2020 #RedmiK30Pro #K30ProZoom #Apple #Xiaomi #FrankieTech

Part 1 –

Time codes for the video :
0:09 – Camera Specs
1:28 – Camera Samples
4:53 – Camera Results Summary
6:15 – PUBG App Loading Speed Test
6:48 – PUBG Showdown!
10:09 – Final Verdict
13:40 – Question & Closing thoughts

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  1. Bro i love your videos! In my country the poco f2 pro and redmi k30 pro zoom edition are the same price. Soooo. I want the redmi k30 pro zoom as it is better. There is just one thing. That it has china rom. I will install play store but besides that am i getting ANY disadvantage for choosing this phone? I live in EUROPE. Thank you for his video man.

  2. SE have no ultrawide thats a bummer for that price,very small screen atleast give us 6inch and A13 is such a waste for that formfactor..iphone8 is still good this day for $200 and this is too overpriced starting at $500 here..even the pocophone F2 pro is cheaper/455usd,add another $70 and u get the k30 pro zoom 256gb with miui12

  3. I ordered the K30 Pro Zoom Edition but i have to say some Pictures were realy better on the SE.On the other hand some Shots we're better on K30PRO.. It's all personl taste.But the SE looks still like a piece of💩 ,is way to smal and night Shots are horrible.

  4. Redmi K30 Pro FTW! Though I would say that the camera software were the ones to blame but if a Gcam compatible apk exist which it will be in the future, Gcam + camera hardware from the K30 Pro would crush the iPhone SE.

  5. Thank you so much for this comparison series I was having a hard time deciding between the iPhone SE 2020 and the Poco F2 Pro (basically a rename for the K30 Pro, but the K30 Pro doesn't officially available in Europe) in my case is not decisive if it has iOS or Android to I can choose without problem what better suits me, that in this particular case is the iPhone SE 256GB, for me the smaller footprint is not a problem, I like smaller phones (but I don't have problem with bigger ones) the bezels is another story but I can stand them, because I already had full screen phone so I know what I'll be losing, I have to say that if I never used a full screen bezelless phone the expectation of how it would be would kill me and in that case I would have choosen the K30 Pro, is not a problem having 1 camera as long is as good as it is, and you can have night mode with a third party app, not ideal, but do it's job, I value extremely power so the A13 and the Snapdragon 865 were my target, to for example Dolphin emulation and those sort of things, I can live with that smaller battery as long as I have fast charge, I can play heavy games wired if needed, but obviously more would be welcome, I don't value at all wireless charging I don't care, in fact I would prefer the option of metal backs for their endurance and feel, but they don't offer it in flagships even when they do not have Qi wireless charging, but what I really apreciate is IP67, so for me this was a very tied comparison, and I didn't had a clear choose, what were the decisive factors.

    I love MicroSD cards, and I really really hate that Xiaomi popularized removing it from flagships, and removing it from this in particular, that was their last big performance phone with one, and buying it feels like rewarding them, though I really like the blue color.
    I plan in the future to have a full screen under display camera phone with microsd and IP rating, and when that is available pass on the phone to my father, so for me they are very tied, performance, camera, and those things, so considering that the SE will have at least 5 years of full software support, my father would probably prefer the size and weight of the SE, it has IP67, and well it does not have MicroSD but iPhones it never did, and I do not plan to reward companies that are ditching it, AND it retains better value if I want to sell it to buy that futurible phone, iPhone SE is my choose to go, if at least Redmi K30 Pro/Poco F2 Pro had a high refresh screen or 512GB, but was not the case, and if I really want a big screen I can share it with 5GHz airplay 2 or cable to a tv.

    Probably thanks to trends started by Xiaomi as back as with their second flagship Xiaomi Mi2 no Xiaomi flagship would have MicroSD and gradually other chinese brands follow that trend. The only flagship that would meet my wishes will be the Galaxy S21 or S30 if they put the front camera sensor in the display or I will wait another generation, probably Samsung will retain them as they as a brand produce them (if you ask I don't have a Galaxy now and is due to my region is a Exynos one, and they are too bad, worse performance, too hot, worse antena coverage, worse battery, even worse camera due to SoCs ISP, so may be next year they will release a good Exynos with the AMD collaboration or ditch them forever, and bring Snapdragon here)

  6. Browsing porn experience takes me to early 2k 😭… Pubg runs at constant 60fps no lag, no frame drop, just smooth.. that was not enough to satisfy
    don't buy this phone .. imagine a car with jet engine and shitty wheels ..

  7. hey I would want a recommendation, knowing you have both the redmi k30 pro and the Mi 10, i am waiting for the the first one to arrive as a global version for Spain and for an offer to pop up.
    My budget is under 500 euros, but if I spend more like 350-400 would be better.

    The main reason I am considering the Mi 10 is the dual speakers, I have wanted a phone with dual speakers for a long time, and actually considered oneplus 8 or Mi 10 pro for the same reason, but for them to get under 500 Euros it might take 6 months or so.

    I would want you to tell me if the speakers are worth it or I should wait and save 100 euros for the k30 pro when it comes out.

    Also, does it bother you the onscreen front-facing camera and the curved edge??, actually what is retaining me from buying the k30 pro is only the global version and the speakers, because i actually prefer the design of the k30 pro for media consumption.

    Saludos desde España, ni me había dado cuenta de que eras hispanohablante, y me acabo de dar cuenta después de escribir todo esto en inglés, un saludo!