iPhone Settings You Should Change Right away iOS 11

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iPhone Settings You Should Change Right away

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  1. Partially false, you don’t need key chain to save passwords and credit card. I have it turned of and all my devices still have retained all saved pwd and cc on newly setup iPhoneX.

  2. The auto brightness works fine for me, but the ask Siri to read stuff is great for blind or visually impaired people. You maybe shouldn’t be hasty on auto brightness as it works great since iOS 11, at least for me.

  3. keychain is the worst thing to activate. If someone discovers your phone pin (something you may end up typing in a public place when faceid fails) all your passwords will be compromised.

  4. Oh that’s sucks … the speak is only for the x 🙁 very good video
    Edit: the Touch ID is only working for limited things I’ll contact Apple and give advice .