iPhone Tips and Tricks: Howdini Hacks

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We’re all addicted to our smartphones, but did you know that you can make the device you love even better with a few simple hacks? Get the most out of your iPhone 5s with these iOS 7 tips and tricks from Howdini.

Learn 9 tips and tricks for your iPhone 5S:
– Undo an action: 0:04
– Get the most of a last minute charge: 0:15
– Clean Apps working in the background: 0:33
– Use headphones to take a picture: 0:46
– Use your keyboard like a pro: 0:58
– Geo-localize your reminders: 1:16
– Block a contact’s phone calls, messages or FaceTime: 1:36
– Set up LED flash alerts: 1:49
– Burst mode: 2:12

– AND Bonus: Use a banana as an iPhone stand: 2:29

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  1. Deleting background apps has been proven not to help at all. Most apps don't do anything much in the background (Unless it's Facebook, then by all means shut that one down). So by you closing it right after you're done with it for the moment, you have to completely shut down the app (that takes a bigger tole on battery than leaving it idle), and you have to completely restart it when you want to use it again (You'd be surprised at how much power this takes). If you leave the apps idle, you can jump into your apps quickly and right where you left off, and it DOESN'T take a toll on battery.

    That's not true (Apple Genius Bar knowledge) every time you do that, you ruin your apps little by little. Apps don't run in the background. STOP IT

  3. For the record, the Airplane Mode trick works with every phone that has airplane mode, iPhone or Android or something else.

  4. If you have a pass code on your phone but need to take a picture fast, (on an iphone 4) go to the screen where you swipe to unlock and pull up the little camera in the bottom right corner. you can take pictures without entering the pass code, and you can ONLY veiw those pictures, so don't worry, no random people will be snooping through your pictures without your permission!

  5. i did NOT know about the blocking function! – thank you!!
    now i can avoid those annoying telemarketers who wont stop calling

  6. Or you could charge your phone even quicker by going in to settings, general, background app refresh and turn it off for the charging period. It actual says BY SWITCHING THIS OFF YOU PRESERVE BATTERY LIFE. Remember to turn it back on cause you won't be notified if you get a message on Facebook.