iPhone Tips & Tricks (Summer 2017)

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iPhone Tips & Tricks (Summer 2017)

In this video I’ll be going over some useful tips and tricks that will make using your iPhone even easier!

The first trick I’m going to show you is how to easily get accented letters when typing on your iPhone. Let’s say your trying to type the name Jose with an accent over the “e”. To get the accented “e” just long press the letter you want the alternative for, in this case “e”, after a moment a box will pop up and you just slide your finger over to the accent you want and then let go.

For the next tip I’m going to show you some of the best 3D touch shortcuts and uses I’ve come across. Remember to use 3D touch you do need an iPhone 6S or newer. It’s a feature that you can live without, but once you’re used to some of the benefits you won’t want to go back!

One of the most common 3D touch shortcuts I use aside from the Starbucks app that I’ll talk about shortly is in the settings app! Whenever you want to connect to a wifi hotspot at Starbucks or the mall 3D touch can make this a bit faster, just 3D touch settings, then wifi, now you can choose the wifi network your after and connect. This is also handy for connecting to bluetooth speakers or devices by 3d touching settings and then bluetooth. I also find accessing the the battery menu through this 3D touch shortcut handy as well. It’s a faster way to switch your phone to low power mode, which I use often when charging my iPhone half way through the day. You can use low power mode to charge your iPhone faster! I have a video that goes more in depth about this topic I’ll link in the info box above and in the description below, I recommend checking that out!

Other useful 3d touch shortcuts I use often are in the Starbucks app. You can easily use mobile order and pay or reload your Starbucks card! Also you can 3d Touch safari to get to a private browser tab. 3D touch music to quickly play one of your recently used playlists. In pages or numbers you can 3D touch to quickly open one of your recently used documents or spreadsheets. In the Camera app you can 3D touch to take a selfie a bit faster. With the Phone app you can easily call one of your favourite contacts or view most recent calls. And finally in Calendar you can quicken add an event and see the next upcoming event.

All of these 3d touch shortcuts aren’t mission critical and can be done without 3d touch, but in many cases makes performing the desired function a bit faster and that adds up over time!

3D touch also works some if it’s magic in control centre, as each option along the bottom from the flashlight to the camera has 3d touch options as well!

Ok, so enough with 3D touch, another cool feature iPhones have built in that most people don’t know about is the level feature. If you open the built in compass app and swipe left you’ll get the built in level, I find this comes in handy whenever hanging pictures on the wall!

Another useful tip I’ve learned most people don’t seem to know about is how to see the time stamp on your text or iMessages. When your looking at your message history just press the screen and pull left to reveal the times each message was sent or received!

Another new useful feature that came with iOS 10 that I found most people don’t know about is that you can now lock selected notes in the notes app. So now if you ever have something secret or something you need to secure in notes, such as a password needed at work, you can lock that particular note. To lock the note after you type it, press the share button and then press the “Lock Note” button. That will add the lock option at the top. When you’re finished with the note press the lock to lock the note and now it’s private and secure! Whenever you want to view the note just open as usual and then press “view note” and unlock with your touch id or password!

And the last tip, if you ever make a mistake when using the calculator app you can swipe right on the numbers to backspace and delete! That one is so simple yet powerful when you know about it!

Well everybody, that was iPhone Tips & Tricks for Summer 2017. All of these tips were using iOS 10, so some of these tips like the ones in control centre may change a bit this fall when iOS 11 comes out. But some will still be useful even in iOS11. Are there any iPhone tips or tricks you’d like to share, if so let us know in the comments below! Also don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video or found it helpful! And while you’re down there feel free to subscribe to the channel for more Lifehacks and tech videos including tech how to’s!!

As always, thanks for watching and we’ll see you in the next one!


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