iPhone Tricks You Didn’t Know exist iOS 11.2

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  1. Figured out your 'trick' in like 3 seconds if that. I think that may be just a small bug in the OS where you can get the control center off to the right lower potion of the screen.

  2. The corner wipe is not a new feature or a feature at all. You do not have to swipe ridiculous slow to get to the app switching screen. Why does everyone think this this? Just swipe up and let go. No need to hold or whatever stupid actions everyone says.

  3. On iPhone X to bring up the accessibility shortcuts options only work on triple clicks on the power button but it’s doesn’t work on the assistivetouch home button….??

  4. Important to note in guided access on keypad, contacts can still be accessed by simply "add contact" and scrolling through contacts, revealing all the information you were trying to hide by disabling the buttons at the bottom.

  5. for the quicker way of getting to the app switcher one it doesn't need to be on the bottom left corner, i've been doing it from the center or wherever my finger lands. you just have to do it right so it actually opens the app switcher and doesn't just take you back to the last opened app