iPhone user tries Android – Galaxy S10 48hrs later

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This video is about iPhone user tries Android – Galaxy S10 48hrs later

This video is about being an iPhone user and trying out my first Android phone, the Samsung Galaxy S10. These are my thoughts 48 hours later


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  1. Don't use Android if you do not want your data to be collected by Google… But once you use Android, a Google product, you shouldn't question the company anymore, at least that's what I think.

  2. nice video man, just 1 advise if you will:
    Android has a default setup, then it gives you the option to change anything and everything you dislike! it's never " why it works like this?" but "how can I change it to become…?" I don't wanna use 3rd party apps, I don't wanna change setting, I want it to be like…, these are all wrong statements when it comes to Android! It's like ordering a Pasta and and say: "why does it have Pasta in it", not the perfect metaphor, but you get the point!

  3. I still don't get what the big deal is about imessage… is it stickers or emojis? Is it the color of the bubbles? Is it the keyboard? Isn't it just texting? Someone please explain how and why it is better.

  4. Seams to me that the biggest issue here is that since you're sold on the Apple ecosystem getting to your stuff is difficult, but that's partly Apple's fault, they make it really hard to switch. If you had Android for a long time you'd have an easy experience when switching from phone to phone, plus on Android you can even switch brands (Samsung, LG, Google, etc) and keep an almost seamless experience. BTW there is an Outlook app for Android too, works great. Have you tried widgets? They are perhaps the best part of Android (a good weather widget is a must!) also, try to play around with the way you stack your apps, I've seen many an Apple user slap all their apps on just two home-screens, I use 5 different home-screens on my S8 (OK 4 plus Apps Edge), each according to uses (main, with nothing but two widgets for quick info; communications [apps edge]; navigation and internet; entertainment and work) each with a widget and just 4 or 5 apps + the lower apps on the favorites bar. This makes finding the app I'm looking for easy instead of searching in a screen filled to the brim with apps. Good luck!

  5. I was a apple user for many years there phones were great but since the iPhone x and xr and the price hike and what you get for the money I moved to galaxy s10 , after a month using the s10 I'm glad I moved it took me few days to get use to android system on s10 and it isn't quite there with iOS but it's not that far away. I have heard there is going to be a massive upgrade to android system but when? But i cant wait.

  6. The main complaint iOS users have is missing out on Apple ecosystem which when looked at objectively, doesn't say anything about the positives of iOS and even less about the negatives of android. Just because an iPhone makes it easier to sync with your MacBook or that most of your contacts use iMessage and hence you shy away from using the plethora of Android applications that are richer in terms of features, doesn't detract from the fact that Apple is charging way too much for phones that offer less, have inferior cameras, shoddy displays (the iPhone XR), slow app loading times, shun the now universal USB type C port, sport hideous notches when android phones are becoming purely bezel less, do not supply fast chargers and have put paid to the headphone jack.
    This is also significant that iphones are fast becoming a favorite of White supremacists with colored folks constituting the majority of android users in North America. The privilege associated with iphones in combination with the exorbitant prices makes them out of reach of most African Americans and Hispanics.

  7. Android has come a LONG way, but I just will not use it because of googles business model: ie YOU are the product they’re selling. Happy to pay Apple tax because of that.

  8. Good review I have similar views. Android is not bad but the amount of info Google collects is way too much. They even monitor third party apps. This includes your bank account. They pull info from apps and then suggest ads or videos on YouTube. Way too intrusive in my opinion. I am personally trying to remove all apps associated with Google one by one. Aside from maps and YouTube.

  9. Great video! I like how you are up front, and explain things like the learning curve, instead of just spewing out apple sheep stuff like a lot of other youtubers. Subscribed!

  10. 1) monetising information – if it could be proved that "you" cannot be identified from the data gleaned from android would you be ..happy-er about the process?
    2) if you buy food with a debit or credit card, that information is bought & sold by your shops, will you give up that too?
    3) your using Samsung's launcher , you can change the launcher to emulate an iphone

  11. Its clearly Samsung yr. The s10 has….
    • Quad HDR display
    • 4k 30fps front facing camera recording (1st on a phone)
    • 1st ultrasonic In display fingerprint scanner
    • Super steady video recording
    • HDR10+ recording
    • Ultra panorama mode
    • Adobe premiere rush built in
    • 128gb internal base storage
    • Fast wireless charging
    • 7nm chip
    • Instagram camera mode built in
    • Up to 550$ discount for trade in
    • 1st phone with Wifi 6
    • Dynamic Tone mapping
    Heres a video of Samsung 8nm chip embarrassing Apple 7nm chip 😆😅😂🤣 "Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max – Speed Test! (WOW)" on YouTube

  12. I was an Apple user for almost 10 years. Had Apple everywhere. iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch, two Apple TVs in living room and bedroom, a 13" MacBook Pro and a 27" iMac. Finally got fed up with Apple for various reasons (mostly cost and the Apple mentality). Sold everything except my two Apple TVs which I don't even use much anymore because I prefer Roku. Went to Samsung with the S8+ and now have a Note 9. Love Android and will never return to Apple. Since I got rid of all my Apple and use only Google Calendar, maps, and other Android apps, I have no problem with sincing data across various items. I don't even miss iMessage because I never sent that many text messages anyway so my ATT account is fine for texting. Same with FaceTime. Never used it. My next phone will probably be an OnePlus or other cheaper but well rated phone. I'm getting fed up with Samsung's high prices now also.

  13. Love the fact that you want to try Android, but 2 days is way too soon for this video. Two weeks at least is a better time frame.

  14. I hear ya there. The health app has its own Medical ID section. The note’s app is also great for all kinds of note types. Picture/Text. Scanning important papers etc.

  15. I went from android to apple when the iPhone 5 came out.  I got the brand new HTC Evo when it came out.  The day it came out, had it for less than a year, was never able to upgrade it to the latest Ice Cream Sandwich.  So for the next year with a phone that was less than a year old, I was not able to have the latest updates.  so that turned me off right away.  Went to my first iPhone and never looked back. For me, its just the ease of use.  i'm not one to customize things and tinker.  I just want it to work.

  16. Craig for the fingerprint reader scan your thumb or finger by holding the phone naturally then scan it. Dont go from bottom up most will use thumb side on. I was apple for 8 years. Switched when the Samsung s8 came out as was bored of apple not changing anything. I've never looked back. I know have the s10 and love it.

  17. Cool and fair take. I'm an iPhone user too, and I just upgraded on carrier plan to XS Max. But if I were to go Android, the Samsung S10 would be a serious contender. Excellent phone.

  18. I made the switch 2 years ago. Only thing I am missing today are those darn Apple Messages, and the ability to use my old Apple Watch, which I really miss.. Since everyone has Facebook anyway, I am just using Facebook Messenger. Regarding your main complaint, about iCloud, those really are limitations set by Apple. I don't understand how you are so reluctant to sync through Google though, since Apple have been hacked numerous times and Google just hasn't. I have a Mac and an iPad too, and airdrop and handoff are cool technologies, but I find sharing through my Google Drive a pretty good replacement. .
    As always Craig, nice review, and I can't wait to see the next one. My wife was sure that I would return my Note 8 the next week, and was very surprised I kept it. Not sure I am going back – if I do, it will be because of the watch.

  19. Interesting…I find android to mesh great with everything I am doing or trying to accomplish, so much easier. Probably because I have been an android user for so many years. I think, the same is for you. You don't know how to convert all of your user experiences to android because you have been using apple for so many years. I really like your previous videos. So I'm not going to say any more than that, but maybe you should NOT compare apple and android devices 🙂 That's just my opinion.

  20. Apple's advantage is the ecosystem it has built that works almost flawlessly. Android OS are getting much better but lacks that ecosystem that will makes me want to jump IOS totally. Plus each Android maker has their own adaptation of the OS.