IPhone V.S Samsung (S3 Note2) V.S. BlackBerry (Z10) – YOUR OPINIONS NEEDED!

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Hey guys! Like the video says…4 times….Leave me a comment down below with:

1 – What phone you have
2 – the Model / Style
3 – What you LOVE/ HATE about this phone!!

Thanks to everyone!


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  1. I have a note 2 and love it so much ( I came from using an iPod touch btw). The things I love most about the note is the screen size. Imo it's not too big and fits nicely in my purse or any deep pocket. Also for I can't live without the stylus and note taking capability. I don't need to carry around paper and can easily incorporate pictures, snapshots or cut outs of pics or docs that I see on my screen. Amazing when you are at a seminar, meeting etc. Love love love!!

  2. I own note 2
    You'll definitely love it
    Don't bother about the size of phone
    You'll get used to it and will hate small sized phones 😉
    So my opinion is to go for Samsung galaxy note 2
    Or wait for galaxy s4 😀

  3. GS3, Z10, & Note II all have a front facing camera. The Iphone5 has the slowest browser of them all and they all support 1080p video recording. But it still looks fancy, soo money well spent?

  4. The iphone5 is drastically overrated, the only thing I do give it is its display as far as their app selection everyone brags about 80% are complete rubbish. I do not recommend it. The S3 is pretty much a smaller note2 except slower not a lot but definitely noticeable when multitasking/web browsing. Z10 is a great communication device but keep in mind it is a new OS and will have your typical blackberry problems (I also have the 9810 now) so ask yourself can you go another year of that!? Note2>