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My Breakfast Recipe & Ingredients! Protein Packed & Low Fat 🙂
200g Egg Whites. Sprinkle w/ Pepper (or Hot Sauce) for Taste. 30-40g Old Fashioned Oats. 1 Cup Water. Heat in Microwave 1min, Stir, Then Put Back In For Another 40sec. Take Out Microwave. Add in 34g (1 serving size) Chocolate Whey Protein & 1 Packet Stevia to Add Sweetness. Stir Together & Enjoy! Try adding in Greek Yogurt instead (Oikos Triple Zero is my fav in Strawberry or Banana)

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  5. Your body is so beast now. I can't wait to get there. I just have the hardest time with losing weight and keeping my butt. Any pointers would be appreciated. Missed your vlogs.

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