iPhone X – 10 TIPS & TRICKS!

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Here are 10 more tips & tricks on the brand new iPhone X. These are more features I came across while testing the phone that might not be apparent to first time users of the iPhone X. These features, tips, and tricks include: face id retry, animoji emoji, animoji stickers, reachability with control center, fast charging, disabling face id, sos mode, tap to wake, fast app switcher, virtual home button, and a faster way to unlock the iPhone X.

Hopefully these tips & tricks are helpful to new users who are just getting their hands on the iPhone X for the first time.

Let me know what your favorite tips & tricks are in the iPhone X and I will see you in the next video.


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  1. My fave is assistive touch and you can either 3D touch to go back home or access the control center. You have other options wherein you can assign a specific gesture to some functions like taking a screenshot, multitasking or a quick toggle to your native camera app (one press, double press, long press and 3D touch are the options and you can simultaneously apply these to specific actions all at once). Mine, I just assign 3d touch to control center so it’s easy to reach and did not assign a single tap option to go back home so I wouldn’t accidentally press that button while navigating the apps. You can also increase or decrease the opacity of this button so it will not annoy you while inside an app.