iPhone X: 24 hours with an Android guy (My FIRST iPhone)

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Here is what I love and hate about the Apple iPhone X after just 24 hours of using it. This is actually the FIRST iPhone I have ever purchased or even used as a personal device. I’ve been using exclusively Android devices for the past 8 years and these are my thoughts after trying out an iPhone for the very first time.

In this video we’ll talk about animojis, the camera, build quality, Siri, Apple Pay and a bunch more.

If you’re a diehard Apple fan, this video is probably not for you. It’s really aimed toward Android users who are thinking about making the switch to an iPhone.

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  1. Attention super diehard Samsung fans. Skip to 11:35 and start there. Most of you are mentioning things that are bad on an iPhone that I already talk about. Then go watch my 100 reasons why the S7 is awesome video, then go watch my 100 reasons why the Note 5 is awesome, then go watch my iPhone X speed test video where the Note 8 beats it by a wide margin. The point is, the iPhone X isn’t nearly as powerful or as productive as the Note 8 and I’ll discuss all of that in the full review. This was just a 24hr initial impression where I didn’t have time to cover multiwindow, edge screen, S Pen, productivity apps, etc. etc., but it seems like a bunch of you missed the title…

  2. Quick tip there’s a search button in the settings and clearly this dumbass didn’t do that because I searched le and the first thing that came up was LEDflash for alerts you know that thing he said he hated because it wasn’t on iPhone

  3. 5 year iphone user here- got kicked out of the iOS back to Android because I travel internationally for my new job a lot and no iphone offers dedicated dual sim. I gotta say, Android's come a long way. The Note 8, at least the international version, is a killing it. I just wanted to streamline the 2 factor authentication stuff I deal with so I don't have to carry 2 phones everywhere. Samsung straight up let me install a copy of each messaging app for each sim. 2 Whatsapps, 2 messengers, 2 weChats. Apple's going "oh just get used to this, get used to that" And Samsung over here like "You have this very specific but incredibly annoying issue? let me just COMPLETELY SOLVE IT FOR YOU." They even have 2 clocks on the home screen, one local and one set to home!

  4. @21:53 That's what I mentioned to one store clerk at an Apple store a few years ago and he looked at me like I had just killed a puppy! Unbelievable that Apple still hasn't implemented that easy solution

  5. these comments are cancer?Just a bunch of apple and android fanboys sucking their companies dick and threatening to kill each other just because they have differing opinions about phones. People are awesome.?

  6. I have never owned an iPhone ever, I maybe have used it time and again but, never really owned it. Another thing which is missing in the video is actually the thing that you don't get the Battery graphs and the timings about how long is it going to take to charge or how much is the battery remaining. I use S8+ as my daily driver and I really like it. Also, there's no power saving mode on iPhones so, if you're stuck in a weird situation where you don't have sockets to charge your low juice phone, power saving mode actually helps a lot. I'm not sure if you get a scroll capture in iPhones but, it's a pretty useful feature when you've got to share something in one picture rather than pieces.

    By the way, I really loved your video. I was thinking to switch to iPhone X but, I guess I'm gonna wait for S9+ instead, as it's gonna cost the same as iPhone X and it'll be even better so, why bother now spending on a phone which isn't fully optimised.

  7. You should go ahead and force tap the flashlight and brightness bars you will see more internal settings!!!
    Like if you force press flashlight it will show you the different levels of light
    And for brightness: you got night shift and more
    Those who don’t know go try it!

  8. Few helpful tips:
    – Apple music radio – arguably when listening to a real radio station you also don't have a choice to go back a song. You can alternatively create a music playlist that works exactly the same as the one showed on your Samsung
    – Closing all apps is discouraged on iPhone as it kills the battery. Closing apps on Android makes sense for power management reasons. On iPhone, it makes more sense to leave apps frozen in the background and let app manager handle power management. I know you're used otherwise but I challenge you to open all apps on your iPhone and Android and compare which phone slows down/gets battery drained faster.
    – Reachability is for using app menus on top, for example when editing photos. Reachability is not purposed for the back button. Just swipe from left to right at the left edge of the screen to go back one screen. It also applies to apps where presumably the back button didn't load – although I never experienced such thing and you didn't show an example.
    – LED light message notifications – as an alternative you can set the message notifications to repeatedly flash up your screen until you open the message. You can also set the flashlight to blink.
    Hope that helps!

  9. This guy just doesn’t know how to use a iPhone. The led alert thing that he was talking about is turned on just by going into setting, and the camera bump thing that he was talking about too, it is just a bigger camera, so that means the camera will be taking better pictures and videos. Thats why the iPhone 6 and under don’t have the bump because those cameras are smaller. also he can just put on a case to remove the bump from the camera so it doesn’t rock back and forth.