iPhone X, 6 Months Later – Still worth it? (Review)

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Well, I’ve now had the iPhone X for 6 months. How does it hold up, and should you still buy it?
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  1. Can you maybe make a “Using an iPad 1 in 2018 – Review” video that would be nice! Your videos are really good.

  2. Can’t wait to see you revisit this again in a few years when it’s “old”. You’re gonna love how the red leather ages, I know I did on my red 5S leather case. Great videos man.

  3. I got it, but I don't think it sells too good in Sweden because it costs a little over 1300 bucks for the 64 gig version and effin over 1500 for the 256

  4. No!!! With Taxes? Its $1,100 same price as a HIGH END PC! You might as well buy a macbook! Its just a phone really a cell phone…

  5. I have the 10 and it is still working great for me. I don’t plan on upgrading till next year. There really isn’t any point for me to upgrade this year for Just a a 12 chip and a better camera.

  6. Just install colour control app on google play to tweak the colours to better than the iPhone x I own an x and s8+ and both screens look now simular

  7. I got an iPhone 6 brand new 2 weeks ago which isn’t the best thing to get in 2018 but I needed a new phone. I had the moto g4 plus previously and it was already dying on me and slowing down. The iPhone 6 is actually still a decent phone. It doesn’t have all the new camera features and the faster performance but I’m actually okay with that. 32GB may be a drawback but it’s better than having a phone with 16GB. I feel like the iPhone X is too much and for a lot of people, they’d be better off with either the 6s, SE or even the 7 cause they all perform really well still.

  8. Samsung have saturated with high contrast colors its a fact, just for people that don't know about true colors, think that the S9 display is better.

  9. 5:50 – Ya know, I was just thinking this very same thing today. I said to myself, "Self, now…if the newest iPhone doesn't come with an earth shattering feature I feel I can't live without, this may be the first year since I first got the iPhone 6 when I don't upgrade. It could happen!"

    And that's the thing. Apple may have outdone themselves this time around and topping this only a year later would be like…a director trying to come up with the perfect sequel to a smash hit. We already know it's gonna feature the same design overall. We know a cheaper, non-OLED version will be released. Maybe they'll even figure out a way to make FaceID faster but…I dunno. I doubt even that would be enough for me to want to upgrade a mere year later this time.

    If nothing else, I'll probably be upgrading to the newest Apple Watch, if the rumors are true about the design totally changing with all new features. We'll see.

  10. I bought a used iPhone X for $800 and it is in pristine condition at that price it is worth it in my opinion. Great video man! Always enjoy your content!