iPhone X & 8 – More Bad News Leaks

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iPhone X & 8 Isn’t What We Thought At All. New Design & Features Leak. Display Change, New Color, Wireless Charging Issue & More Leaks!

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  1. Some have to decide between Samsung and Apple, but I just have to decide between Meizu and Xiaomi. Cheaper, better design ( my opinion), more powerful

  2. People had said that the iPhone 2G would have fail, no one would buy it and yet they sold out so maybe iPhone 8 would sell out just as fast as the iPhone 6

  3. Well if your skiing and have a face mask on you will probably have gloves on as well do touchID won't work either. Slipping a mask on and off is also much easier than removing a glove.

  4. When will apple let go of the this obsessive control over what can be done with the iPhone. This generation loves to personalize their property hell iPhone still doesn't run adobe and it's shooting to be more business oriented. Companies are not going to stop using adobe that's already been proven. Let us control every aspect of my phone then we can talk about raising the price. That's why Samsung and others stay relevant.

  5. That pricing is fucked. We're gonna get it for like 2000 here in OZ… AND THE FUCKING WIRELESS CHARGING IS SEPARATE??!?!??

  6. The ugliest display ever. I'll either stay with my iPhone 7 until another redesign, or move to android. Apple has killed them selves on this one. And I'm a apple fanboy.

  7. If Apple is going to release the iPhone with the Touch ID on the back – I will buy the older iPhone 7 instead, go fuck yourself, i am not giving up touch ID.