iPhone X, 8 Plus & 8 Model Hands On! Gold, Silver & Space Grey

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iPhone X, 8 & 8 Plus Models! EVERY iPhone Apple Is Releasing This Year In EVERY Color! Blush Gold, Silver & Space Gray. What a Leak!

Last iPhone X Leaks:
iPhone 8 Clone Hands On:

YesGo iPhone 8/7 Cases:
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Pitaka Kevlar Case:


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  1. I want a phone thats earpiece crackles when I make any calls and I want it to come in the box split open with an already damaged battery oh wait thats the Iphone 8, I want the operating system to heavily drain my battery and have no safety with my information oh wait thats iOS 11

  2. “I love how Apple is switching up the colours not just giving us black and white”

    -iPhone X comes out
    -colours: black and white