iPhone X Ballistic Gel Drop Test! – Mous Limitless Case Review

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Mous sent over their new iPhone X Mous Limitless case to do a GizmoSlip drop test! And since ballastic gel + iPhone X + huge drop test sounded epic, that’s what I decided to do! But what do you think? Link to buy Mous iPhone X Limitless Case (Coupon: gizmoslip) –

Check out the full iPhone X Mous Limitless Case Review:


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  1. can i have the white iphone x please? im in need of a new phone because my iphone had a system error and apple wouldnt replace it so im without a phone sadly

  2. iPhone x is trash and a waste of money it's not worth it's price. I couldve bought 2 oled phones and a Xbox one with the price of the trash iPhone x