iPhone X Camera Tips, Tricks, Features and Full Tutorial

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iPhone X has a fantastic camera. It is a dual camera setup. As such you get two camera’s. Combined these two camera’s give you one of the best smartphone cameras in the world. So why not master every tip, trick and feature available for maximum satisfaction? In this video I will give you a full tutorial on the iPhone X camera so you can enjoy it fully.

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  1. Great tutorial, thank you! One suggestion though – you may want to pick a more interesting background like a scenic picture or pet rather than the boring desk with the white wall. e.g., when you demonstrate different effects of camera lighting, it allows people to see how they really look like. This will make the demo more effective and interesting. Great job!

  2. iPhone X and Samsung Note 8 are both excellent phones! It all comes down to personal preference. I personally have the IPhone X and I do enjoy and like it. I think that the Note 8 visually looks beautiful and the screen display seems to be brighter and sharper. I like the size of the IPhone X compared to the Note 8. If I wanted a long bar style phone, I would have just kept the IPhone 6 Plus which was my previous phone. Note 8 perk is that it has expandable memory slot which is not available with IPhones. IMessage and FaceTime is something that I use often especially with people out of country with IPhones. Since it is a default application, there is no need to contact the other party to tell them to download an app. Stylus is of no use to me however I understand that if you are business oriented person, it could help using the Note 8 features much easier. One thing Apple came out with that I think they should not have is the Apple Pen! That was what S.J Was trying to avoid when creating the IPhone. He didn’t want stylus with his products! Now u have an option to spend $100cdn so that u can use it with your IPad! That is just silly! Back to the phones, like I said, both the IPhone X and Note 8 are great and beautiful phones. Both worth the money and both will give you hours of entertainment. No need to put down which is better, as both will satisfy. Yes, IOS is for dummies but that's great, less headaches. Android you can customize but really, how many people actually take advantage of the so called customization to the max? Anyways, enjoy whichever phone you decide to get, CHEERS and Enjoy the rest of 2017!

  3. Great video- very informative. I had gotten Pro Camera some time ago but haven’t played with it much. Plan to do so over the holidays, as lugging around my DSLR isn’t always the best option.

  4. Thank you man for the review
    I have one question i have the x modle and there is to much glare in the photo spashly at low light is it normal?! And how i can solve it ?!