iPhone X Camera vs Google Pixel 2!

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Take a look at the iPhone X camera vs Google Pixel 2 XL!

What I use to make my videos!
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ND Filters –
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  1. You can change the settings to get some more warm colors . The original pixel had a really good saturation but people complained its too artificial so now Google calendar went with the dull colors but you can change that

  2. Compare Krystal skin tone in video then in pics. The iPhone's are nearest to her skin color more than pixel's. Even her red shirt. About the iPhone. You get 2 pictures when you use the Portrait mode. One with all full details and other wit the Protrait mode. The first is Awesome… more than any other picturein any other phone.

  3. I don't mean to get all up in your business but it seems to me that your now ex boyfriend had a lot to do with you old channel and took all of your old videos hostage. It doesn't seem you are together anymore as you are using your mom and sister for pictures not to mention how sad you look compared to the old you, I know that look and your face wears sad. I hope I'm wrong and just being a conspiracy theorist. Anyway I hope all is well, we missed you and are glad to have you back.

  4. I'm an Android fan but I Like the Saturation on the X but for Pixel I like the detail. I don't have a favourite they have different styles and both are great imo.

  5. Yes, iPhone’s pictures tend to go orange. I prefer more natural colors in photos and I truly used to respect that typical feature in iPhones’ cameras. iPhone X seems like an exception though… I can’t get the pixel in my country ?

  6. All I got from this is use the iPhone X if you want to look like Trump, use the pixel 2 if you want the sharpest photos you'll see from a phone

  7. IPhone x is simply overrated, overpriced and over exaggerated phone, and it is clearly evident from this camera comparison video of yours, it's really sad if an overpriced phone like this cannot even manage to take a crisp, datailed picture. This is why Google pixel 2 xl is the best camera phone one can buy,

  8. I’m looking to get rid iPhone and go for an android. I’ve watched most of your reviews and I still can’t decide!!! Do I want the LG V20? The LG G6?? Or the google pixel 2?? Decisions decisions …