iPhone X — FAIL!

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Nobody should buy the iPhone X. It’s over. And Apple is tanking…


Ahead of Apple’s Q2 2018 earnings, everyone and financial pub is saying iPhone X is sinking and taking Apple down with it. After Apple’s Q2 2018 results, and, wait… what happened?

Just a little something called stock market and media manipulation. Here’s how it works and how you can avoid getting stung by it!




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  1. It's called crony Capitalism. However wrt Wall Street, it's more like casino Capitalism. Remember, these are the same folks who crashed the world economy in 2007 with 100% fraudulent banking practices. Why are you surprised by this ffs?? With regards to the iPhone X, I pass. Not interested in a phone that costs well over $1000 and for sure will not be repairable when the time comes.

  2. But I have about 20 iPhone-users around me (in Germany, Berlin) and all of them are using an iPhone SE, 6s or 7 (Plus). If I asked them for the iPhone X they all told me no, mine is ok and the X is much, much too expensive. So, I don't believe Tim Cook. And: 98% of all smartphones worldwide are running Android. Apple isn't a big player, it is a niche product.

  3. I think your plan with people. To make money. Cramer was confident about Bear Stearns. Weather was mistake or did it on purpose he was wrong. I’ve really seen small comments make a big difference on the stock market and there’s a bunch of liars out there to begin with I don’t have any confidence in you and I don’t trust you

  4. I often wondered if those "analysts" have ties to close associates who want the stock price brought down so they could invest, then sell once the stock hits a high after factual earnings are reported. APPL is at a point where, while it is still undervalued, it's too expensive for average folks to get into. My advice to anyone looking to invest in anything, be prepared to lose it all so only invest what you can afford to lose.

  5. Failure, it’s the noun. The iPhone X was incorrectly perceived by some writers as a failure. You failed by using the verb instead. Please don’t perpetuate the English usage error that started on social media during the 2012 summer olympics in London when someone complained about NBC’s TV coverage with the hashtag that contained the error.

  6. First offI don’t trust Apple after the slowing down of phones. Second of all what’s this week over week BS, how do we know Cook telling the truth. Did the really cut production. Here’s what I do know. My circle of friends and family who buy newest IPhone (including myself) every year. Had no interest in IPhone X. Everyone I talked to for last six months refused to buy one. Two reasons notch, and the price. Hate that notch.

  7. Rene, you tell the fools. ? Essential Phone – 90,000, Pixel 2 – 4 Million, Galaxy S9 – 5 Million, iPhone X alone sold 50 Million! If last years iPhone X failed android phone sales are truly dead, which explains all the shameless iClone X's. ????

  8. Famous last words, ey? Would these reports be examples of 'fake news'? Of the tail wagging the doggy?

  9. My opinion is that Apple like a lot of companies has enough slack in its inventory and reporting to creatively create the numbers it wants.obviously they can only do it so many times before people smell a rat.apple products are still very popular,I went to a USA mall recently and the apple store was packed,in contrast two doors down was a Microsoft store and it was dead,a dozen staff standing around selling nothing.
    For me the iPhone X has been a dud because of the ugly notch and Face ID over embedded in the screen fingerprint scanner.
    They missed jobs input into his anniversary phone ,I’m pretty sure when they would have presented him with the design he would have asked what the fuck they were doing and told them to come back with an Apple product ,Tim cook is a supply chain guy and whilst it means it’s easy to make lots of everything,he lacks vision.

  10. News Room is one of my all time favorite shows so kudos for using the theme music! Also the phrase “So got damn always” another news room reference love it!!

  11. Good video.. it’s sad how bad the news and media is these days it’s all about making big headlines rather then actually telling the facts. What’s the old saying, “never let the truth get in the way of a good story”.

  12. New iPhone launched ?? BUY SHARES!!! ( shares drop ). 3 months later, SELL SHARES ( prices increase ) then PROFIT !!!!
    How Shares work :::::::>>>>>>> BUY LOW then SELL HIGH !!!!!!! That's all you need to fucking know retards !!!!!!

  13. Wow!!! Thanks for this video, to be honest I believed those stories and thought “what a putty Apple, iPhone X is nice but tout didn’t get it right this time” fake news everywhere it seems!!

  14. Yea – it's annoying how analysts can get a lot of people to panic before quarterly earnings calls. To be fair, they don't do it every quarter, but it's still bullshit that it happens. If casual investors just held their positions, they would've done fine considering Apple hit an all time high this week not only after earnings, but word that Warren Buffett bought an extra dumpload more of it 🙂
    They even said on CNBC a bunch of times this week that the analysts got it totally all wrong on the iPhone X this quarter.