iPhone X Latest Leaks – 2 Months!

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iPhone X Released! Shell Leaks, Touch ID Solution, Laser Camera, Final Price, iPhone 8? & More Leaks!

Previous iPhone X Leaks:
iPhone 8 Prototype Hands On:


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  1. Lets hope the iPhone 8 is gonna be an amazing iPhone great job on the iPhone models you guys work hard to make

  2. if you think that fake photo is real you know nothing about mill work. never would apple allow that type of contraction. I could make that case in 5 minutes in my home shop and call it a leaked photograph

  3. Are there someone who really wanna know why people buy apple products, or will u just keep hating on the so called "dumbasses" who buy apple products?

  4. I love your thought on “what if apple is keeping expectations low” because that has been my exact same thought for quite some time now, them trying to lead us on the wrong trail!