iPhone X – Long Term Review

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  1. I prefer the iPhone 8 Plus over the X. More or less the exact same camera features as the X, Touch ID and a bigger screen is a win for me.

  2. That’s weird. FaceID works about 98% of the time for me while TouchID has always been very unreliable for me. I could never go back to TouchID now. The difference is just too big.

  3. I think since Face ID is such a big problem, but we want more screen, why don’t they just make a notch for the home button or better yet just blend the button in with the screen (and you can still see some of the display through the button as well)

  4. Don’t agree with you about Face ID ,never had any issues with mine. Good video though….. And yeah I love my iPhone X it’s solid.

  5. I just got my IPhone X today (I’m late I know) and I have to say I love it, absolutely love it. Glad I upgraded from my iPhone 6s Plus (which I thought I wasn’t going to, after all the 6 is a good phone). Loved the video though! ❤️

  6. Man muss das Iphone X hassen wegen des Preises, aber wer hasst schon BMW und Mercedes? Man muss kein Applefanboy sein, aber es ist momentan das beste Handy in fast allen Kategorien. Nur das vermeintliche beste Innovationsteil, nämlich die Face-ID, ist der Untergang des Persönlichkeitsschutzes. Hier liefert man den Polizeibehörden und Spionagediensten seine perfekte Gesichtserkennung zum updaten und es wird gemacht.

  7. I’m very happy with my X having had it for just over 1 month. Battery life is very acceptable and the camera is like you say, extraordinary. Face ID is very useful in other cases though. Like when doing the dishes, or just while having grease on your hands making your fingerprints non existent. Also don’t forget that it’s like 10 000 times more secure so I’m pretty happy with moving over full time to Face ID 🙂

  8. Regarding this years rumors and upcoming iPhone releases, would you still buy it in June this year? My iPhone 6 is dying and I desperately need a new phone..

  9. I do not believe that they will bring TouchID back. Just because FaceID is much safer and they will not put effort into researching and building a sensor under the display. Still, I personally would prefer TouchID.